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We succeeded in our application for the status of Hong Kong Branch of Chinese National Engineering Research Centre, and the State Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) approved the establishment of the “Chinese National Engineering Research Centre on Rail Transit Electrification and Automation (Hong Kong Branch)” (CNERTE) in partnership with the Southwest Jiaotong University in October 2015. CNERTE receives a yearly funding support of HK$5 million at the maximum from the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government and a dollar-to-dollar matching fund from PolyU. Three research laboratories were established under CNERTE, namely Research Laboratory for High Speed Rail Traction Power System and Safety Technology, Research Laboratory for Advanced Sensing Techniques for High Speed Rail Monitoring and Research Laboratory for Condition Monitoring and Vibration Control of High Speed Trains, to undertake research and consultancy projects.

The High-Speed Railway (HSR) line in the Chinese Mainland has exceeded 12,000 km. And it is planned to complete a 25,000 km HSR network by 2020. Plus, a Pan-Asia railway network is now under construction. China’s HSR industry develops rapidly. While increasing the speed, concerns about safety, reliability and comfort are accentuated. It is a pressing need to develop innovative technologies to address these concerns. CNERTE collaborates with its parent centre, Mainland and overseas partners to conduct consultancy and research projects to this end. Extensive cross-border collaboration complements strengths and maximizes synergy. Specifically, CNERTE strives to make contribution to the development of rail transit industry in Mainland and Hong Kong as follows.

  • Adopt cutting-edge monitoring technologies in the operational monitoring of the high speed railway system, vehicle system and traction system;
  • Enhance the standard of operational monitoring system in high speed railway industry;
  • Standardize operation of technologies;
  • Commercialize innovative technologies;
  • Increase international engagement in Chinese high speed railway development and bring international exposure to Chinese high speed railway industry
  • Nurture high-calibre professionals and specialists who are equipped with advanced technologies and global vision

Taking this opportunity, we would like to convey our gratitude to the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government and PolyU for their generous funding and steadfast support. We are confident that CNERTE will achieve great success with concerted efforts of all stakeholders, partners and friends.

Professor NI Yiqing


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