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CEE aspires to build green infrastructure,
for the benefit of mankind.
Prof CS POON_Final_Grey Gradient
Chair Professor of Sustainable Construction Materials and Head

Professor Poon Chi Sun

What's New

The PolyU Education Info Day was successfully held on 10 Oct 2020 (Sat). Prospective applicants got the chance to join the information seminars to learn more about the programme curriculum, admission information, career prospects, etc. Current student and graduates’ sharing also provided some first-hand experience to participants. At the end, interactive sessions of online admission chatbox were also held for programme representatives to answer i

14 Oct 2020

Info Seminars

Around 300 participants joined each of our Chair Professor Series: Online Lectures in September 2020. It does not only include a brief introduction of the CEE Department, MSc and PhD Programmes, but also cover various areas related to civil and environmental engineering. Stay tuned for our series in October!

25 Sep 2020


The Add Meaning to Your Graduation campaign is specially presented to the Class of 2020.  By donating HK$350, you will receive an exclusive edition of Class of 2020 Certificate Holder, and bring benefits to PolyU and many generations of students to come! Donate Now! FAQ

24 Sep 2020


[Update profile to stay connected amidst distancing]   Dear PolyU alumni, how have you been? Started a new job? Completed another degree? Please update your profile online to stay connected with your alma mater. You will receive latest news of the University, as well as exclusive events, benefits and services offered to alumni. You may receive souvenir upon successful update. Act now!   [無懼

24 Sep 2020


The Geotechnical Engineering Graduate (GEG) training scheme is operated by the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) of the Hong Kong SAR Government.  With about 240 qualified geotechnical professionals, the GEO is responsible for managing and regulating a wide range of geotechnical engineering activities in Hong Kong, in particular slope safety. The recruitment for GEG training scheme 2021 has recently commenced. Find out more details from their

23 Sep 2020


Four young scientists at PolyU have been awarded the 2020 Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macau) recently, a funding provided exclusively to Hong Kong and Macau scientists since last year under the National Natural Science Foundation of China. 25 young scientists (male below 38 and female below 40 years old) from Hong Kong and Macau in total are awarded the fund annually. In this year, seven, five and two scientists at the Universi

23 Sep 2020

Get ready for your future and explore what inspires you!   PolyU Education Info Day will be held on 10 Oct 2020 (Sat). It will be a great opportunity for you to meet our academic staff, graduates and current students during online information seminars and to ask them the questions you may have via online admission chatbox. It is also a good way to get a feel for what it would be like to study here. For details, please visit

23 Sep 2020

Polyu Education Info Day_poster

Hope to gain more exposure? Finding ways to polish your CV?   Explore the competitions organized by various sizeable organizations by clicking the link here.  Feel free to seek advice from our academic staff if you are interested.

17 Sep 2020


這項發明的核心人物是香港理工大學土木及環境工程學系副系主任戴建國教授和香港城市大學材料科學和工程學系副教授雷黨願。   戴教授希望透過製冷塗層降低建築物的溫度,從而達到減少用冷氣和增加建築物壽命的效果。   戴教授解釋:「之前研究是利用大氣紅外透明窗口,將物體表面的熱量排到寒冷的太空,從而達到低於環境溫度的降溫效果。我們則透過大氣窗口將熱量發射到外太空之餘,還利用大氣長波輻射進行動態熱交換,從而增強日間製冷和抑制夜間超荷製冷。」   戴教授和雷教授的塗層設計是通過多重散射及寬帶紅外膚色的組合原理,以降低建築物表面的有效陽光吸收和增加排放到太空的熱量:塗層採用二氧化鈦納米粒子、螢光材料,以及寬粒徑分布的玻璃微球,在達到製冷的同時,也減少建築物表面的晝夜溫差,令建築物更耐用。   類似的塗層不是首創,但分別在於過去的塗層只能降溫,達不到製冷的功能。「過去不用塗層的話,建築物表面溫度攝氏40度,塗完溫度可以降低一些,但也不可能低於氣溫。唯有達到低於氣溫的效果,才能叫做製冷。所以,降溫和製冷是兩

19 Oct 2020

20201016_信報_JG Dai

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