PolyU has secured over HK$14 million in funding from the Green Tech Fund for three innovative sustainable projects. The funded projects will develop solutions for zero-carbon energy, waste management and energy efficiency.


Led by Dr Molly Meng-jung Li, Assistant Professor of the Department of Applied Physics, the project “The First Intelligent Ammonia-powered Zero-carbon Versatile-energy Supply Station, NH3-VESS” introduces a clean, zero-carbon system for energy management that is flexible, localised and scalable. It employs PolyU’s proprietary catalyst to convert ammonia into hydrogen, facilitating the development of energy stations for various applications such as in vehicles, for heat and power, renewables extension, and in homes and facilities.


Another project led by Dr Ben Shao-yuan Leu, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, “Study of Ammonia Pre-treatment – Power Generation System toward Complete Valorisation of Food Waste Digestate” aims for long-term waste management, encompassing land conservation, power generation and carbon reduction. This ammonia pre-treatment system offers innovative solutions, effectively minimising odour, reducing the land footprint of digestate solids and producing high-quality organic fertiliser. This system will be applicable for use in facilities and treatment plants in Hong Kong.


Headed by Dr Dahua Shou, Limin Endowed Young Scholar in Advanced Textiles Technologies, Assistant Professor of the School of Fashion and Textiles, the project “Development of Multi-functional Building Clothing Using Textile Waste for Energy Saving and Waste Reduction” proposes collecting textile waste to develop a sustainable, nature-inspired building envelope for thermal insulation and radiative cooling through a mass production method. The envelope possesses multifunctional properties including durability, lightness, aesthetic appeal and flame retardancy, making it compatible with use in factory buildings, village houses and in various other scenarios.