The “INSPIRE” Mentorship Programme Annual Gathering 2023 was held on 12 January 2024 at Hotel ICON. Around 260 mentors and mentees came together, united by the invaluable experience of their mentoring journeys.


The Gathering opened with a celebratory toast from PolyU’s Council members, Court members (also mentors) and senior management. During the event, mentors Mr Andy Wong and Ms Wendy Man, and their respective mentees Ms Leung Oi Lam Corrina and Ms Cheung Man Ying Connie, shared their journeys of discovery with the “INSPIRE” community.


Participating on the “INSPIRE” journey, the mentors played the triple roles of an advisor, life coach and role model to the mentees, with a view to broadening the students’ horizons and enhancing their growth. Through learning from their mentors’ wisdom and experience, we believe our “INSPIRE” Mentorship Programme will continue to inspire our students.


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