Prof. Tommy Wei, Professor of the Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering and Director of the Colour Imaging and Metaverse Research Centre, has developed a series of cutting-edge colour management technologies that allow digital devices to more accurately capture and display colours. His solutions have been incorporated into smart devices from major companies worldwide, including over 100 million high-end smart devices annually.

Prof. Wei’s technologies include a six-channel RGBACL (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan and Lime) lighting module and control algorithm that broaden colour presentation of LED lighting systems. His solutions detect human faces in in the frame and optimise colour appearance of skin tones. Chips with AI-powered white balance algorithm ensures faithful colours in photos and videos taken by digital cameras under different environment. Other innovations address issues like colour capture and reproduction of highly dynamic range scenes, as well as colour processing for images dominated by a single colour in telephoto and macro shooting.

As extended reality (XR) continue to emerge, accurate colour is important for immersive experiences. Prof. Wei’s algorithms and AI-powered solutions help content creators deliver intended colours to users. He has received significant research funding for his work advancing colour science, from various prestigious organisations including the Research Grants Council and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

To accelerate commercialisation, Prof. Wei co-founded the startup Guardian Glow Limited last year to develop personalised AI devices and XR solutions utilising his colour management technologies. The startup has since gained venture capital backing.

Prof. Wei’s ground-breaking research enriches digital colour capture and reproduction across industries, demonstrating PolyU’s effort in developing technologies that benefit society.