PolyU teams won a total of eight awards at the 3rd Asia Exhibition of Innovations and Inventions Hong Kong (AEII) this year, including one Special Prize from Technopol Group, one Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury, one Gold Medal, four Silver Medals and one Bronze Medal, demonstrating the long-lasting, real-world impact created by the PolyU community’s inventions and innovations.


Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association, and Palexpo, the organiser of the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, the AEII is Asia’s annual exhibition cum competition exclusively devoted to innovations and inventions from Asia to be hosted in Hong Kong. It is significant in showcasing the innovative ideas, ground-breaking technologies and remarkable creative talents emerging from Hong Kong and across Asia.


Congratulations to the winning teams!


Special Prize from Technopol Group and Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury

Project: AIoT Empowered All-Terrain Personal Vehicle for People with Disabilities

Principal Investigator: Mr Huafeng XU, Co-founder and CEO, Libpet Tech Limited (PolyU startup)


Gold Medal

Project: AI Ambassador (Digital Human Version)

Principal Investigator: Mr Hoi Ho Lam, Co-founder and CTO, Asiabots Limited (PolyU startup)


Silver Medals

Project: Contrast-free Virtually-enhanced MRI for Precise Tumour Treatment in Carcinoma

Principal Investigator: Prof. Jing Cai, Associate Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Professor of Department of Health Technology and Informatics, Advisor of MedVision Limited (PolyU Startup)


Project: Light Field Microscope Imaging and 3D Visualizing System

Principal Investigator: Ir Prof. Wing-bun Lee, Emeritus Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Founder and Director of Watts Optical Instruments Limited (PolyU academic-led startup)


Project: Mixed Reality-based Radiotherapy and Imaging Simulation for Clinical Education and Services

Principal Investigator: Dr Shara Lee, Associate Professor, Department of Health Technology and Informatics


Project: ZC-01TM: Fully Automatic Commercial Washroom Cleaning Robot

Principal Investigator: Mr Curry Lee Tsz-chung, CEO, ZeeqClean Technology Limited (PolyU startup)


Bronze Medal

Project: Autonomous-legged Robotic Dog Providing Navigation Support for the Blind

Principal Investigator: Prof. Kenneth Fong, Professor of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Director of the Research Centre for Assistive Technology; Dr Jacky Chung, Senior Engineering Manager of the Industrial Centre, Co-Principal Investigator of the Research Centre for Assistive Technology