Five projects led by PolyU researchers have received funding from the Research Grant Council (RGC) Research Impact Fund 2023/24, leading the way among local universities in terms of the number of funded projects.


The five projects have been granted total RGC funding of HK$20.9 million. Embracing diverse research areas, the funding will support the PolyU researchers in translating scientific findings into real-world applications and providing more impactful solutions to benefit society.


Prof. Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation) congratulated the teams and said the University’s research excellence in the fields of microbiology, construction and environment, geoinformatics technology and intelligent wearable textiles will continue to make influential contributions to society. Collaboration between academia and industry will leverage synergistic strengths and facilitate the translation of research into real-world applications.


The five funded projects are:

  1. “Development of Bacterial Pseudaminic Acid-based Vaccine to Combat Infections Caused by Multidrug Resistant Bacteria”, led by Prof. Chen Sheng, Head and Chair Professor of Microbiology of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition

  2. “Digital Twin-enabled Intelligent Assessment and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures in a Life-cycle Context”, led by Prof. Zhu Songye, Associate Head and Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  3. “An AI-enabled Geospatial Platform for Smart Facility Management and Smart Mobility of People with Disabilities”, led by Dr Liu Xintao, Associate Professor of the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics

  4. “Durable Low-carbon Asphalt Pavement Built with Recycled Waste Polyolefin Plastics through Reactive Extrusion”, led by Prof. Leng Zhen, Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  5. “Developing a New Generation of Pressure-controlled Wearable Soft Braces to Improve the Efficiency and Compliance in Treating Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis”, led by Prof. Yip Yiu-wan Joanne, Associate Dean and Professor of the School of Fashion and Textiles.