Science isn’t always about difficult theories and experiments in laboratories; it can also be a journey to explore the mysteries and wonders of the world around us. To help the younger generation enrich their knowledge across different fields of science, the Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles (FAST) will host a new series of mini-lectures in March. Students from secondary schools are welcome to join and will hopefully get inspired by the interesting subjects that are relevant to their lives.


Since 2017, the Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles has organised various series of mini-lectures covering topics including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, as well as Fashion and Textiles. In this upcoming series, ten specially designed mini-lectures will be arranged on four consecutive Saturdays (6, 13, 20 and 27 March) and broadcast online. Here is an overview of the lecture themes:


6 March
  • Function and Fashion: Eco-friendly reusable mask developed by PolyU – Dr Joanne Yip
13 March
  • Art therapy – Dr Tsai-Chun Huang
  • Chemistry in crime scene investigations – Dr Cheuk-lam Ho
  • Mathematical modelling of the spread of infectious diseases in the era of COVID-19 – Dr Daihai He
20 March
  • A brief discussion on statistical reasoning – Dr Alex Wong
  • Fast fashion, slow fashion, green fashion – Dr Chris Lo
  • A student centered learning science experiment platform to enhance STEM education – Dr CL Mak
27 March
  • Microbes: biohazards in our food – Dr Marcus Wong
  • Optimization and its applications – Dr MC Yue
  • New laser technology and applications – Dr Peter Tsang
  • DNA technology – Dr Chartia Cheung


For a detailed timetable and registration information, please visit the website.