Ageing is a subject that touches all of us. Over the years, groups and individuals from different professional fields have been discussing ways to address the rising need for elderly care, and strategies to tackle the challenges of ageing now and ahead.


One feasible solution would be cross-border elderly care. Experts from PolyU’s Centre for Gerontological Nursing, Department of Applied Social Sciences, and Institute of Active Ageing, joined forces with representatives of various research institutes and associations to host an online seminar titled “Opportunities and Challenges of Ageing in Greater Bay Area: Cross-border Services Amid COVID -19” to share views on the subject. The event attracted 270 participants from the elderly care sector as well as the public.


In the seminar, Dr Justina Liu, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Centre for Gerontological Nursing, School of Nursing, PolyU, pointed out that the provision of medical services and social resources in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) are the key elements in promoting cross-border elderly care, and these factors should be reinforced to encourage more seniors to move to the GBA and integrate into the life there.


The seminar provided an opportunity for participants to learn about the latest developments in elderly care services across the border. There was also discussion about how the government and the elderly care sector can give their support to help elderly in Hong Kong to retire in GBA, as well as the challenges elderly residential homes face under the current pandemic situation.


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