PolyU is committed to promoting STEM education and our academics across different STEM-related disciplines have been harnessing their efforts in various projects, which have received a lot of positive feedback from the education sector as well as from students.


Recently, Dr Fridolin Ting from the Department of Applied Mathematics and his team of UGC Teaching and Learning Pedagogic and Active Learning Mobile Solutions (PALMS) Project have won two prestigious education awards, in recognition of their contributions to innovation in STEM tertiary education.


Gold Award – Exemplary Teaching and Learning Award, eLearning Forum Asia (eLFA) 2020-2021


Established in 2006, eLearning Forum Asia (eLFAsia) is a local non-profit organisation with a mission in advancing the application of information technology in teaching and learning. Three eLFA awards will be presented at its annual forum, to formally recognise and reward exemplary practices among the eLearning communities to further enhance the sharing of experiences. Competing against the representatives of four other universities from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia, we are thrilled to see that Dr Ting has been selected as the Gold Award winner of the Exemplary Teaching and Learning Award – an award that aims to recognise best practices in the effective use of pedagogically driven technology for teaching and learning.


Bronze Award – “Science of Learning”, Reimagine Education Awards 2020-2021


Known as the “Oscars of Education”, the Reimagine Education Awards aim to reward educators using innovative approaches to enhance student learning outcomes and employability. Dr Ting and his project team have managed to pass through five rounds of judging, winning themselves a Bronze Award under the category of “Science of Learning”. The awards in this category are given to the projects that most successfully further scientific, humanistic and critical theoretical understanding of learning; engage in the design and implementation of learning innovations; and consequently improve instructional methodologies.


Dr Ting said, “It has been both a humbling and an adventurous road on which our PALMS Team have travelled, resulting in recognition by these prestigious international awards. We are extremely grateful for all the support given to us by the UGC, PolyU and all our project members at PolyU and our partner universities HKU, CUHK and BU.” He added that it is the goal of the team to help students learn better through active teaching methods supported by technology. “Any contribution we have made in this respect makes all our collaborative work worthwhile.”


To learn more about the PALMS project and the team’s work in supporting STEM education, please visit PALMS website.