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List of all Subjects


Code Subject
FSN1D05 Chinese Medicine: Myth or Treasure?
FSN1D06 Nutrition and Healthy Living
FSN1D07 The Environmental Impact of the Dietary Culture in China
FSN1D08 Food Safety: From Farm to Fork
FSN1D10 Food Color, Taste and Smell
FSN1D17 Functional Foods and Cosmetics
FSN2S02 Service-Learning in Nutrition and Healthy Diet
FSN2416 / ABCT2416 Introduction to Food Science
FSN3402 / ABCT3402 Food Chemistry
ABCT3403 Elements of Food Engineering
FSN3405 / ABCT3405 Food Microbiology
FSN3408 / ABCT3408 Sensory Evaluation of Food
FSN3409 / ABCT3409 Food Toxicology
FSN3410 / ABCT3410 Food Laws & Regulations
FSN3411 / ABCT3411 Principles of Nutrition
ABCT3413 Food Processing I
FSN3415 / ABCT3415 Food Analysis
FSN3416 / ABCT3416 Food Analysis Laboratory
FSN3417 / ABCT3417 Life Cycle Nutrition
FSN3418 / ABCT3418 Food Engineering and Processing I
FSN3419 / ABCT3419 Food Engineering and Processing I Laboratory
FSN4409 / ABCT4409 Food Biotechnology
FSN4410 / ABCT4410 Health Foods and Nutraceuticals
ABCT4413 Food Processing II
ABCT4414 Food Processing Lab
ABCT4415 Sanitation and Food Hygiene Management
ABCT4416 Quality & Food Safety Management
FSN4417 / ABCT4417 Project
FSN4418 / ABCT4418 Research Project
FSN4420 / ABCT4420 Food Engineering and Processing II
FSN4421 / ABCT4421 Food Engineering and Processing II Laboratory
FSN4422 / ABCT4422 Food Sanitation and Safety Management
FSN4423 / ABCT4423 Food Quality Assurance
FSN4424 / ABCT4424 Food Product Development
FSN4425 Environmental Health and Food Sustainability
FSN4426 Company Attachment
FSN5011 Food Safety Risk Analysis
FSN5012 Global Food Safety Management
FSN5013 Food Safety in Action
FSN5014 International Food Standards, Laws and Regulations
FSN5015 Foodborne Chemical and Microbial Hazards: Case Studies
FSN5016 Global Food Security
FSN5017 Capstone Project
FSN5021 Food Preparation and Menu Planning
FSN5022 Nutritional Assessment
FSN5023 Public Health Nutrition
FSN5024 Nutrition and Health for Older Adults
FSN5025 / ABCT5025 Nutrition Education and Counselling
FSN5026 / ABCT5026 Practicum I
FSN5027 / ABCT5027 Practicum II
FSN5028 / ABCT5028 Capstone Project
FSN5029 Advanced Human Physiology and Anatomy
FSN6001 Research Seminars I
FSN6002 Research Seminars II
FSN6003 Research Seminars III
FSN6004 Research Seminars IV
FSN6005 Practicum I
FSN6006 Practicum II
FSN6007 Advanced Interdisciplinary Research in Food Science, Nutrition and Chinese Medicine
FSN6501  Advanced Topics in Food Safety in Action 
FSN6502 Advanced Topics in Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals 
FSN6503  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Frameworks for Food Industry 
FSN6504  Future Food and Marketing Strategies 
FSN6505  Independent Studies in Food Science and Management 
FSN6506  Recent Topics in Food Science and Management 
FSN6507 Scientific Research Analysis and Design 
FSN6601 DFSM Residential I 
FSN6602  DFSM Residential II 
FSN6603  DFSM Thesis I
FSN6604  DFSM Thesis II 
FSN6801 Guided Study on Frontier Research Topics in Food Science
FSN6802 Guided Study on Frontier Research Topics in Nutrition
FSN6803 Guided Study on Frontier Research Topics in Chinese Medicine

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