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Code Subject
ABCT1000 Freshman Seminar
ABCT1001  Quantitative Skills for Chemical and Life Sciences
ABCT1002 Freshman Orientation for ABCT students 
ABCT1101 Introductory Life Science
ABCT1102 General Biology
ABCT1103 General Laboratory Techniques and Safety
ABCT1700 Introduction to Chemistry
ABCT1741 General Chemistry I
ABCT1742 General Chemistry II
ABCT1D01 Chemistry and Modern Living
ABCT1D03 Biotechnology and Human Health
ABCT1D04 Introductory Life Science
ABCT1D05 Chinese Medicine: Myth or Treasure?
ABCT1D06 Nutrition and Healthy Living
ABCT1D07 The Environmental Impact of the Dietary Culture in China
ABCT1D08 Food Safety: From Farm to Fork
ABCT1D09 Green House Gases and Life
ABCT1D10 Food Color, Taste and Smell
ABCT1D11D Life without Fossil Fuel
ABCT1D12 Science behind Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
ABCT1D13 Introduction to cancer - cause, treatment and prevention
ABCT1D14 Chemistry and Sustainable Development
ABCT1D15 Our Endangered Earth
ABCT1D16 Introduction to vaccines -history, development and impact
ABCT1D17 Functional Foods and Cosmetics
ABCT1D18 Modern Day Material Sciences
ABCT1D19 Fun Facts of Scientific Discoveries
ABCT1D20 Science of Happiness
ABCT2001  Lab Techniques in Biological Sciences 
ABCT2101 Biochemistry
ABCT2102 Molecular Biology
ABCT2103 Cell Biology
ABCT2133 Human Physiology
ABCT2134 Microbiology
ABCT2312 Introduction Cell Biology and Biochemistry
ABCT2326 Human Physiology
ABCT2328 Advanced Physiology
ABCT2329 Systemic Physiology
ABCT2330 Pharmacology In Rehabilitation
ABCT2331 Human Biology for Biomedical Engineering I
ABCT2332 Human Biology for Biomedical Engineering II
ABCT2416 Introduction to Food Science
ABCT2422 Analytical Chemistry 
ABCT2423 Organic Chemistry
ABCT2432 Raw Food Materials
ABCT2701 Analytical Chemistry I
ABCT2702  Physical Chemistry I 
ABCT2704  Chemistry Laboratory I 
ABCT2705 Chemistry Laboratory II
ABCT2706 Inorganic Chemistry I
ABCT2712  Physical Chemistry I 
ABCT2742 Organic Chemistry I
ABCT2772 Introductory Physical Chemistry
ABCT2774 Chemistry Laboratory I
ABCT2S01 Educating Rural Farmers on Healthier Food Production
ABCT2S02 Service‐Learning in Nutrition and Healthy Diet
ABCT3101 Immunology
ABCT3102 Commercialization of Biotechnology Products
ABCT3103 Environmental Science
ABCT3108  Chemical Pathology 
ABCT3109  Haematology and Transfusion Science 
ABCT3110  Anatomical Pathology 
ABCT3112 DNA Technology
ABCT3113 Biochemical Techniques
ABCT3116 Experimental Approach in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
ABCT3260 Applied Chemistry Laboratory
ABCT3273 Applied Chemistry - Polymer
ABCT3276 Applied Chemistry - Environmental Chemistry
ABCT3391 Ecology and Ecosystem
ABCT3402 Food Chemistry
ABCT3403 Elements of Food Engineering
ABCT3405 Food Microbiology
ABCT3408 Sensory Evaluation of Food
ABCT3409 Food Toxicology
ABCT3410 Food Laws & Regulations
ABCT3411 Principles of Nutrition
ABCT3413 Food Processing I
ABCT3415 Food Analysis
ABCT3416 Food Analysis Laboratory
ABCT3417 Life Cycle Nutrition
ABCT3418 Food Engineering and Processing I
ABCT3419 Food Engineering and Processing I Laboratory
ABCT3621 Chemical Principles for Testing and Analysis
ABCT3622 Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
ABCT3623 Analytical Spectroscopy
ABCT3624 Chromatographic Analysis
ABCT3625 Chromatographic Analysis Laboratory
ABCT3631 Metrology and Calibration
ABCT3641 Microbiology and Toxicology
ABCT3642 Microbiological Techniques
ABCT3707 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
ABCT3708 Intermediate Physical Chemistry
ABCT3709  Analytical Chemistry II Laboratory
ABCT3712  Physical Chemistry II 
ABCT3741 Analytical Chemistry II
ABCT3742 Organic Chemistry II
ABCT3747 Introduction to Chemical and Bioprocess Technology
ABCT3759 Analytical Chemistry II Laboratory
ABCT3779 Inorganic Chemistry II
ABCT3780 Inorganic Chemistry II Laboratory
ABCT4000  Project 
ABCT4100  Research Project 
ABCT4101 Advanced Molecular Biology
ABCT4102 Immunotechnology
ABCT4103 Protein Biotechnology
ABCT4104 Recent Developments in Medical Biotechnology
ABCT4105 Metabolism and Diseases
ABCT4106 Pharmacology of Drug Therapy
ABCT4110 Microbial Biotechnology
ABCT4111 Project
ABCT4112 Research Project
ABCT4113 Project
ABCT4115 Bioinformatics
Advanced Anatomical Pathology
ABCT4402 Advanced Analytical Techniques for Food Hazards
ABCT4403 Water & Waste Management
ABCT4409 Food Biotechnology
ABCT4410 Health Foods & Nutraceuticals
ABCT4411 Principles of Epidemiology and Risk Control
ABCT4413 Food Processing II
ABCT4414 Food Processing Lab
ABCT4415 Sanitation and Food Hygiene Management
ABCT4416 Quality & Food Safety Management
ABCT4417 Project
ABCT4418 Research Project
ABCT4420 Food Engineering and Processing II 
ABCT4421 Food Engineering and Processing II Laboratory 
ABCT4422 Food Sanitation and Safety Management
ABCT4423 Food Quality Assurance
ABCT4424 Food Product Development 
ABCT4631 Test Method, Measurement and Uncertainty
ABCT4632 Inspection and Certification
ABCT4633 Quality Management and Laboratory Accreditation
ABCT4651 Environmental, Medicinal, Food and Other Commodities Testing
ABCT4652 Capstone Project
ABCT4708 Principles of Quality Assurance
ABCT4709 Project
ABCT4712  Physical Chemistry III 
ABCT4713  Physical Chemistry Laboratory 
ABCT4740 Polymer Chemistry and Nanotechnology
ABCT4741 Industrial Electrochemistry
ABCT4743 Advanced Analytical Techniques
ABCT4745 Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis
ABCT4747 Food Processing Technology
ABCT4757 Pollution Control & Environmental Analysis
ABCT4758 Advanced Analytical Techniques Laboratory
ABCT4759 Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis Laboratory
ABCT4760 Industrial Electrochemistry Laboratory
ABCT4762 Medicinal Chemistry
ABCT4763 Polymer Laboratory
ABCT4765 Economic Analysis for Process Technology
ABCT4769 Project
ABCT4770 Research Project
ABCT4772 Advanced Physical Chemistry
ABCT4773 Advanced Physical Chemistry Laboratory
ABCT4774 Pollution Control & Environmental Analysis Laboratory
ABCT4777 Chemical & Bioprocess Technology
ABCT4778 Chemical & Bioprocess Technology Laboratory
ABCT4779 Natural Products Chemistry

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