With a strategic emphasis on applied research, the University firmly believes that research is an integral part of academic life on campus. It informs teaching and advances the frontiers of knowledge and technology, thus contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of business and industry and to Hong Kong's move towards a knowledge-based economy.

Funding for Research

In addition to receiving funds allocated by the University, academics at PolyU applied for funding from external sources, either through competitive or non-competitive means, for their research projects in 2015/16. Total funding during the year amounted to HK$2,540 million in support of over 3,600 projects undertaken by more than 840 academic staff and around 1,450 research personnel.

More details on our research activities are available from the website of our Research Office.

Research excellence in PolyU

At PolyU, we have a long-established innovative research culture. Our innovations are meant to meet the practical needs of our community, our country and our world. PolyU Research Committee, a Committee of the Senate, is responsible for, amongst other things, developing research and research-degree policies, regulations and procedures; allocating research funds; and monitoring the progress and quality of research. Nominated Faculty staff are appointed as members of this committee for a fixed term of office.

Terms of Reference