Congratulations to the official inauguration of three PolyU joint technology and innovation research institutes in partnership with the Municipal People’s Governments of Wuxi, Hangzhou, and Wenzhou in November, followed by two framework agreements to extend such dynamic collaboration to Wuhan and Hefei. These institutes serve as a platform to carry out effective industry-academia-research collaboration, translation of research outcomes, and talent development to spur growth of the cities.


Unveiled on 2 November, the PolyU-Wuxi Technology and Innovation Research Institute aspires to promote the research and innovation in the fields of aviation and aeronautical engineering, advanced manufacturing, biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, new materials and telecommunications networks; establish an incubation base to accelerate the translation of research achievements; and foster top-notch talents through PolyU’s engineering doctorate and postdoctoral fellowship programmes. It also entered into agreements with ten high-tech enterprises in Wuxi to launch industry-academia-research collaboration.


PolyU also cooperates with Hangzhou and Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province to build innovation platforms for advancing technologies and cultural tourism in the cities. Launched on 7 November, the PolyU-Hangzhou Technology and Innovation Research Institute will set up three research centres in the initial stage, tentatively named the “Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Research Centre”, “Rail Transit Intelligent Centre”, and “Digital Medical Beauty Research Centre”. It will cooperate with the key industries in Hangzhou to promote technological innovation and provide R&D services to domestic enterprises, developing Hangzhou into a world-class smart city, one of the best cities to visit, and a leading I&T hub.


Inaugurated on 9 November, the PolyU-Wenzhou Technology and Innovation Research Institute will set up three centres focusing on maritime engineering, flexible electronics, and ultra-precision machining to catalyse the development of core technologies, translation of research results, talent cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship in Wenzhou’s key industries for an extensive economic growth of the city.


Separately, PolyU has reached an agreement with Wuhan Municipal People’s Government and Hefei Luyang People’s Government to drive the establishment of joint research institutes that enhance and facilitate research development, knowledge transfer, nurturing of talent in multiple industries.


The PolyU-Wuhan Technology and Innovation Research Institute focuses on the areas of life and health, new energy, new materials, smart cities, and artificial intelligence, whereas the PolyU-Hefei Technology and Innovation Research Institute highlights the biomedical and sensing precision technology, and aerospace information. A sustainable incubator for startups will be also created to propel innovation in emerging industries and develop key core technologies in Hefei.


Including Jinjiang, PolyU has established four research institutes and signed Memorandums of Understandings with Wuhan, Hefei Lyuang, Shenzhen (Guangming), Shenzhen (Futian), and the Eastern Institute of Technology in Ningbo, to establish research institutes in Mainland cities. Moving forward, the University will capitalise on its expertise in research and academic and build stronger ties with mainland cities to create top-notch innovation platforms in the region that unlock the powerful synergy between government, industry, and academia, opening a new chapter for the I&T development of Hong Kong and the Nation.


To view video highlights of the newly launched research institutes, please visit:
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