In an interview with Wen Wei Po, Prof. Geoffrey Q. P. Shen, Associate Vice President (Global Partnerships) and Dr Laura Lo, Associate Vice President (Institutional Advancement) introduced the University’s efforts in forging connectivity with countries along the Belt and Road with a view to cultivating young talent.


Prof. Shen noted that the University jointly established the University Alliance of the Silk Road with Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) and has recently assumed the Alliance Presidency, enabling an effective PolyU student recruitment strategy in Belt and Road countries. PolyU has admitted 387 undergraduates from 40 Belt and Road countries and 237 postgraduate students from 70 Belt and Road countries. Additionally, more than 100 PolyU students were supported by the PolyU Belt and Road Funding Scheme to venture abroad on research attachment and internship.


Dr Lo highlighted the leadership and summer programmes co-launched by PolyU and XJTU to promote cross-cultural exchanges between students in China Mainland, Hong Kong, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and ASEAN countries. PolyU is also committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding among students. In addition to two new student hostels being built to offer more hostel places, the University organises a wide range of cultural festivals and Service-Learning projects.


Prof. Shen also mentioned about the “Belt and Road Advanced Professional Development Programme in Power and Energy”. Since its inception in 2018, the Programme, co-organised by PolyU, XJTU, the State Grid Corporation of China and The Hongkong Electric Company Limited, has trained 811 industry professionals from 43 countries and regions, providing more than 10,000 hours of exchanges, both online and offline training, and field trips.


Alice Kondja, from Ghana, who is a PhD student of PolyU’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management, was also interviewed by the local daily. She is a recipient of the Hong Kong Government’s Belt and Road Scholarship. Alice appreciates the world-class facilities, dynamic academic and research environment in local universities, as well as the opportunities provided by the thriving business tourism and international exhibitions in Hong Kong. She hopes to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of tourism and hotel industry on her return to Ghana by applying the professional knowledge she has gained in Hong Kong.


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