The Council of PolyU is pleased to announce the re-appointment of Prof. Jin-Guang Teng as President of the University for five years. Prof. Teng’s second term will commence on 1 July 2024, and continue until 30 June 2029.


The University Council’s Senior Executives Evaluation and Compensation Committee has sought input from various stakeholders, including the University Court, senior management team and deans, the PolyU Staff Association, the Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations and student representatives, before recommending the re-appointment of Prof. Teng for Council’s approval. Prof Teng’s re-appointment was unanimously supported by the full Council.


Dr Lam Tai-fai, PolyU Council Chairman, congratulated Prof. Teng on his re-appointment. “Prof. Teng is a visionary leader and scholar possessing strong qualities of integrity and accountability. He has been working closely with Council and various other University stakeholders to ensure high-performance execution of the development objectives and strategies devised by Council. Since his appointment in 2019, PolyU has risen from the 106th to 65th place in the QS World University Rankings, reaffirming its reputation as one of the world’s leading universities. Prof. Teng has attached great importance to driving the development of innovation and technology through fostering commercialisation and technology transfer to the industry and addressing societal needs.”


Dr Lam stated that as an educator, Prof. Teng is committed to whole-person education and nurturing students to become future professionals and leaders with a deep affection for their family and the Nation, and a global perspective. He believes PolyU will continue to excel and reach new heights and forge ahead as an innovative world-class university under the outstanding leadership of Prof. Teng.


Prof. Teng said, “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all Council members for their unwavering support. Moving forward, I will make every endeavour to lead the whole PolyU team to uphold the spirit of the University’s motto ‘To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind’, as we strive for excellence in education, research, innovation and knowledge transfer. With our aspiration to be an innovative world-class university, we will continue to contribute to the development and prosperity of Hong Kong, the Nation and the world. The University will continue providing holistic education to nurture socially responsible talents who possess a strong sense of national identity and a global perspective. In addition, we will pursue impactful innovation and research to address societal needs and contribute to the technological and overall development of Hong Kong and the Nation.”