PolyU has always emphasised nurturing innovation and technology talents through holistic education. To stimulate research interest among secondary school students, PolyU this year successfully organised its third “Junior Researcher Mentoring Programme” (JRMP).


The number of students and completed projects both reached record highs. A total of 136 students explored thematic research across different fields under the guidance of around 80 PolyU scholars.


This year’s programme featured 42 diverse research topics, covering trending technology like AI and the metaverse as well as rehabilitation sciences, biomedical engineering, hospitality, nursing, languages, business, fashion, design and various engineering disciplines.


Prof. Ben Young, Vice President (Student and Global Affairs) said it is hoped that under academic mentorship, participating students can further develop early research interests and gain valuable hands-on experience.


The University remains committed to organising the JRMP, with the 2024 programme expected to commence accepting applications early next year. By inviting more schools and students to participate, PolyU aims to continue cultivating young research talents through this impactful junior mentorship initiative.


For programme highlights, please visit: https://polyu.me/3PDuSGs