PolyU has been awarded over HK$25 million in funding across 27 projects under the latest round of Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF).


The funded projects span a diverse range of disciplines including health technology, nursing, rehabilitation sciences and optometry.


Key focus areas include the integration of AI for enhanced diagnosis, improvement of physical and mental wellbeing, infection management and antibiotic development, and preventive optometry measures.


Notable project achievements include using AI to subtype schizophrenia for personalised medicine, studying VR-based Qigong training for seniors with mild cognitive impairment, developing a natural anti-glaucoma agent, and examining optical and pharmaceutical interventions for myopia control in children.


Prof. Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation), said the wide range of funded projects highlights the University’s strengths in impactful interdisciplinary health and medical research.


The HMRF was established in 2011 to build research capacity and support scientific advancements in healthcare. This latest funding round further enables PolyU researchers to address pressing health issues through innovative solutions, benefitting people across all age groups.


Areas of focus include better clinical diagnosis and analysis through AI, rehabilitation technologies for disorders like autism, mental health interventions for caregivers, infection and antibiotic resistance research, and vision care.


With over HK$25 million secured across 27 diverse medical projects, the HMRF funding recognises PolyU’s expertise in and commitment to spearheading healthcare improvements through evidence-based research.


For details of the 27 funded projects, please refer to: https://polyu.me/3r8wvTp