The Endowed Professorship Scheme was established to recognise PolyU’s outstanding academics and their remarkable contributions. The generous support by our donors provide extra resources for the Endowed Professors to continue their excellent work in research and teaching, with the ultimate goal of benefitting both society and the world at large. In this issue of Pulse@PolyU, we will introduce you to another three Endowed Professors of PolyU who have made significant contributions in their respective disciplines. They are Ir Professor Albert Chan, Professor David Shum and Ir Professor Yung Kai-leung, BBS.


Ir Professor Albert Chan - Able Professor in Construction Health and Safety


"Infrastructure and real estate have been the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s economy, and construction workers are the unsung heroes silently contributing to our growth story."



Ir Professor Albert Chan is Head of the Department of Building and Real Estate. For more than three decades, he has conducted research on a wide range of topics across the broad field of construction engineering and management, including construction health and safety, construction partner/stakeholder engagement, and public-private partnerships. His current research interests focus on developing innovative devices to help improve the well-being of construction workers.


Watch the video to discover his views on the construction industry and to learn about the research he is conducting.


Professor David Shum - Yeung Tsang Wing Yee and Tsang Wing Hing Professor in Neuropsychology


"The Endowed Professorship will enable me to further promote the important role of neuropsychological research in understanding and preventing age-related decline in human brain functions."




Professor David Shum is Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences and Board Member of the Hospital Authority. He is a neuropsychologist who specialises in the research of brain injuries, ageing, cognitive impairments, and rehabilitation. He believes that if we can find ways to re-train the cognitive abilities of people with cognitive difficulties, those individuals, as well as society, will benefit hugely.


Watch the video to hear his views on cognitive impairment and rehabilitation and to learn about his career of studying and understanding the human brain.


Ir Professor Yung Kai-leung, BBS - Sir Sze-yuen Chung Professor in Precision Engineering


"Deep space exploration instruments have the most stringent requirements in terms of accuracy, efficiency, quality and stability."


Ir Professor Yung Kai-leung is the Chair Professor of Precision Engineering and Associate Head of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. With his expertise in precision engineering, Prof Yung has made impactful contributions to deep space exploration projects such as the Nation’s recent Lunar Sample Return Mission Chang’e 5 in which he and his team designed the innovative “Surface Sampling and Packing System”.


Check out the video to hear Prof Yung’s views on space instruments and to learn about how his precision machinery has been translated into biomedical devices that benefit the public at large.