PolyU established the Culture Promotion Committee in 1999. Since then, the Committee has presented an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Programme every year, inviting renowned artists from various genres to be our AIR to host a series of artistic activities. We are honoured to have Dr Liza Wang Ming-chun, also a University Fellow of PolyU, to be our AIR for the year 2020-21.


Dr Wang is one of the most popular and beloved performing artists of our time. She has dedicated her career to various performing arts for more than half a century. Her enthusiasm in pursuing excellence in Cantonese Opera is certainly remarkable, as she has played a pivotal role in preserving and transforming this centuries-old Chinese Art in Hong Kong.


At the “Exhibition of AIR Programme: Dr Liza Wang, Legendary Diva – Cantonese Opera: Beyond Tradition”, the finale event of this year’s AIR Programme staged at the Jockey Club Innovation Tower at PolyU, we shall see evidence of Dr Wang’s perseverance when she first took up the art of Cantonese opera, and how she managed to conquer the difficulties along the way. The exhibition is also a retrospective journey into the artistic life of Dr Wang – with a photo collage wall featuring her classic styles in TV drama and stage performance, as well as displays showcasing her favourite costumes, props and set up. Audiences will be able to learn about the beliefs behind Dr Wang’s achievements: “self-respect, self-motivation and self-confidence”, which make her a true icon worthy of our respect and emulation.


Other than the physical exhibition at the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, a virtual exhibition will also be available from 30 April 2021. Members of the public are welcome to view this exhibition online anytime and enjoy a throwback to the legendary life of Dr Wang.