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“Social Innovation Regional Forum 2023” funded under the “PolyU Jockey Club Operation SoInno” Project promotes age-inclusive communities in the Greater Bay Area

The Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (J.C.DISI) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) today hosted the “Social Innovation Regional Forum (SIRF) 2023 – Main Forum” (the Forum) under the “PolyU Jockey Club Operation SoInno” Project funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Experts from various sectors shared their strategic insights into promoting age inclusivity in the community and improving public wellbeing more broadly. At the Forum, Ms Winnie HO Wing-yin, Secretary for Housing of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr SIMA Xiao, Chairman and Chief Planner of the Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen Company Limited, and various cross-disciplinary stakeholders delivered speeches on their practical experience of building age-inclusive communities through appropriate housing policies, urban facilities, transportation and community living space, showcasing the outcomes when social and technological innovation converge. In his welcoming remarks, Prof. Wing-tak WONG, PolyU Deputy President and Provost stated, “J.C.DISI has been committed to promoting age-inclusive communities, and the Forum is one of the testaments to its effort. Shenzhen, with the ‘youngest’ population profile in Mainland China, is endeavouring to create a child-friendly city, while Hong Kong, as an acutely ageing city, is dedicated to creating age-friendly communities. The SIRF 2023 brought together valuable experiences from both regions, focusing on social and technological innovation, to collectively explore how to build age-inclusive communities.” Ms Winnie Ho’s keynote speech introduced attempts by the Housing Bureau to enhance the sense of wellbeing among public housing residents and shared the age-inclusive strategies adopted in the “Well.Being” project, as well as its impact on the design of current public housing facilities and the future planning of public housing. She said that in the process of formulating Well-being design guide, the Housing Bureau attaches great importance to listening to the residents and stakeholders, encouraging them to express their opinions. Promoting age inclusivity and intergenerationality within the community is one of the key factors that enhance residents’ sense of wellbeing. She added that the District Council listens to people’s views, and public’s participation is very important. In pursuit of building a better community together, she appealed to electors again to participate in the District Council Election by casting their vote on 10 December. Mr Sima Xiao discussed the child-friendly city infrastructure in Shenzhen in his speech titled “Planning a Child-friendly City: Shenzhen’s Innovation and Practice”. He introduced the background to child-friendly city planning in Shenzhen in terms of objectives, process, policy system and impact. He referred to the transformation of Yitian Community Child-friendly Playground as an example to illustrate Shenzhen’s practical experience in creating child-friendly spaces, highlighting the city’s development model which focuses on specific locations at first, gradually expanding efforts to broader areas and always looking to continuous improvement. To conclude the Forum, Prof. LING Kar-kan, Director of J.C.DISI, said, “The Northern Metropolis will be the new engine for Hong Kong’s future development and lead to creation of new communities, rapid population growth and emergence of various social needs. Being contiguous with Shenzhen, it will also connect Hong Kong to the entire bay area. To seize the opportunity, we should gather stakeholders from the cities in the Greater Bay Area to propose forward-looking options for the promotion of age inclusive communities.” The Forum also featured talks by Mr Gene SOO, Head of Ecosystem of Global Innovation Department of MTR Corporation Limited; Ms Winnie NG, Director of Transport International Holdings Limited and Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited; Mr Brandon CHENG Zhi-peng, Director of Landscape Design Institute of Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Centre; Mr James CHAN Yum-min, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Hong Kong Housing Society; and Dr Ping XU, Founder and Design Director of PH Alpha Design Limited. Topics included enhancing user experience through smart mobility, the social impact of age-inclusive transportation service, fostering intergenerational community cohesion through diverse community programmes, as well as creating inclusive community spaces for citizens of different ages in shopping malls. Under the theme of “Social and Technology Innovation to Shape Community Integration for All Ages”, the SIRF 2023 brought together cross-disciplinary stakeholders from cities in the Greater Bay Area to explore the intersection of social and technological innovation in order to create inclusive and age-friendly communities. In addition to the Main Forum, four thematic events were held in Hong Kong and Shenzhen from September to December this year: a showcase of the creation of age-inclusive communities through the “participatory design” approach at the China Charity Fair; a tour for NGO representatives and urban planning and design professionals from Hong Kong of child-friendly facilities in Shenzhen; as well as two roundtable discussions.   Ms Winnie Ho (5th from right), Mr Sima Xiao (5th from left), Prof. Wing-tak Wong (6th from left) and Prof. Ling Kar-kan (1st from right) are joined by other guests including Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of the Department of Applied Social Sciences at PolyU (1st from left); Dr Ping Xu, Founder and Design Director of PH Alpha Design Limited (2nd from left); Mr Gene Soo, Head of Ecosystem of Global Innovation Department of MTR Corporation Limited (3rd from left); Prof. HE Shenjing, Head of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at The University of Hong Kong (4th from left); Ms Yvonne CHAK, Director of Hong Kong Christian Service (4th from right); Ms Cecily MA, Assistant Director of The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong (3rd from right); and Mr Brandon Cheng Zhi-peng, Director of Landscape Design Institute of Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Centre (2nd from right).   *** END ***

8 Dec, 2023

Events The Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation


Centre for Eye and Vision Research and DEFTA Partners join forces to drive translation of advanced eye and vision research into real-world solutions

The Centre for Eye and Vision Research (CEVR) and DEFTA Partners (DEFTA) are delighted to announce their strategic collaboration. With mutual and complementary benefits, CEVR and DEFTA will work closely to promote technology transfer and commercialisation of advanced eye and vision health research. Leveraging DEFTA’s extensive and diverse business network, as well as its track record in identifying and nurturing innovative, technology-based startups, this collaboration can help advance the development of cutting-edge research in eye and vision health. Combing with the outstanding research achievements of CEVR, CEVR can promote the commercialisation of university-originated research through strategic business alliance with Japanese companies through DEFTA introduction and contribution. Such collaboration will empower the translation and commercialisation of new research outcomes into products, and help CEVR promote research solutions worldwide. A signing ceremony was held yesterday on The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) campus. Prof. Wing-tak WONG, Chairman of the CEVR Board of Directors cum Deputy President and Provost of PolyU, and Dr Abby GAO, Director of Investment Research, Deputy Head of DEFTA, signed the formal collaboration agreement. The Ceremony was witnessed by Prof. Jin-guang TENG, PolyU President, Ambassador OKADA Kenichi, Consul-General of Japan in Hong Kong and Ambassador George HARA, Group Chairman and CEO, DEFTA Partners. Prof. Wing-tak Wong said, “This collaboration with DEFTA Partners presents significant opportunities and resources for the Centre for Eye and Vision Research. DEFTA's business network and investment experience will help drive the commercialisation of our research projects and enable global expansion. We look forward to working closely with the DEFTA team to achieve our goals and bring more innovation, commercialise the translational research outcomes into real products and improve eye health worldwide.” Dr Abby Gao stated, “With the synergy between The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Waterloo in Canada, as well as the strong support from the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Centre for Eye and Vision Research has assembled top research talents, and its projects have significant potential for practical applications and commercialisation. DEFTA's robust network with industrial corporates and experience can secure more collaboration opportunities and resources to CEVR’s projects, fostering innovation and opportunities in the field of eye and vision research.” The collaboration between CEVR and DEFTA will provide significant opportunities for CEVR, allowing the research centre to extend its partner network and undertake more innovative and cutting-edge research projects to address urgent needs and challenges in global eye and vision health. ***END***

6 Dec, 2023

Events The Centre for Eye and Vision Research


PolyU researchers’ innovative Music Therapy System for older adults wins CES 2024 Innovation Award for impactful aging technology

A ground-breaking therapeutic music-with-movement system invented by researchers of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has won a prestigious global consumer product award in the ‘Accessibility & Aging Tech’ category at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 Innovation Awards. Being the only Hong Kong educational institution honoured with this award serves as a testament to the exceptional impact of this music-with-movement intervention on older adults and their caregivers. An integral part of the CES, the annual CES® Innovation Award recognizes outstanding innovation in design, evaluating products based on engineering quality, aesthetics and design, practical value, uniqueness and their impact on quality of life. Dr Daphne CHEUNG, Associate Professor of the PolyU School of Nursing, led the project that developed the “Music-with-Movement System for Older Adults.” The research team merged an existing therapeutic music intervention system with advances in medical research and engineering technology for the ageing population. This ground-breaking system empowers caregivers and staff working in the elderly care sector to effectively and efficiently engage older adults in music intervention. Prof. Christopher CHAO, Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU congratulated the team and said “The research team is well-deserving of this award for their trailblazing work in social technology innovation for interactive music intervention for older adults. This recognition serves as a testament to our commitment to multidisciplinary research with the aim of bringing healing and fostering meaningful connections within the elderly population. PolyU’s academic and research expertise in transformative knowledge and technology remains at the forefront of innovation, providing impactful solutions for the betterment of human well-being.” The music-with movement system combines many elements including songs, Augmented Reality (AR) interactive games and motion sensors in a tablet, a game engineer and a cloud-based management platform. Integrating oldies music with motion sensors and AR makes it the first of its kind in music interventions. The interactive, cognitively stimulating musical games aim to maintain the cognitive and social stimulation levels of older adults. The user-friendly design of this therapeutic programme also helps alleviate issues caused by social isolation. Dr Cheung said “It’s my greatest honour to receive this award in recognition of the application of our research into aging technology, a key focus in our work related to the increasingly aging population. The music-with-movement programme reinforces sustainable adoption among old adults for their consistent engagement and facilitates effective intervention and communication.” While the music-with-movement programme was developed for people in Hong Kong with dementia, it later came to involve family caregivers as a dyadic intervention. Integrating current information and communication technology as implementation strategies for music intervention builds effective communication and collaboration and more effective bonding among old adults, caregivers, staff working in elderly centres and health professionals. The upcoming CES will be held in Las Vegas, the United States from 9th to 12th January 2024. The PolyU delegation will showcase a number of innovative projects, aiming to connect with technology prospectors for potential collaborations. CES is one of the world's largest consumer technology trade fairs, bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from around the world. It provides a platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough research. ***END***

4 Dec, 2023

Achievements School of Nursing


China Manned Space delegation visits PolyU

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) extended its warmest welcome to the China Manned Space delegation on the important occasion of their visit to the University. During the visit, the delegation participated in a memorable event, “A Dialogue between the China manned space delegation and PolyU students and faculty members”, held at the Jockey Club Auditorium. At the event, they engaged in discussion and exchange in the presence of an audience of approximately 700 PolyU students and faculty members. Dr CHOI Yuk Lin, Secretary for Education of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR); Dr WANG Weiming, Director-General of the Department of Educational, Scientific and Technological Affairs, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR; Mr Tim LUI, Chairman of the University Grants Committee; PolyU Council Chairman Dr LAM Tai-fai; and PolyU President Prof. Jin-Guang TENG attended the event to welcome the delegation, expressing their pride and admiration for the successful manned space missions accomplished by the Nation in recent years. Led by Mr LIN Xiqiang, Deputy Director General of the China Manned Space Agency, the delegation included Mr YANG Hong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chief Designer of the Space Station System of the China Manned Space Programme, and Researcher of the China Academy of Space Technology; Mr YAN Pu, Deputy Director of the Information Office, China Manned Space Agency; Mr LIU Boming, Astronaut at the Astronaut Center of China and Shenzhou-12 Astronaut; Mr CHEN Dong, Astronaut Team Leader at the Astronaut Centre of China and Shenzhou-14 Astronaut; Mr DONG Guangliang, Researcher of the Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology and Chief Designer of the Tracking, Telemetry and Command System; Mr CHEN Jie, Head of the Scientific Programme and Quality Control Division, China Manned Space Agency; as well as Ms YANG Xin, Head of the Information Office, China Manned Space Agency. In his welcome remarks, Dr Lam Tai-fai said, “Following the visit of a delegation of esteemed Chinese astronautical scientists to PolyU in 2021, it is a great and exciting honour for PolyU students and faculty members to now have a face-to-face encounter with the China manned space delegation on our campus. This opportunity allows them to witness and be encouraged by the Nation’s space development at close quarters. Indeed, recent years have witnessed extraordinary achievements in aerospace technologies by our Nation, which both inspire us and fill us with pride. With over 30 years of experience in deep space research, PolyU is the only university in Hong Kong that has participated in various national space projects. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Nation for its trust and support. PolyU will continue to strengthen its research capabilities, reinforce cooperation with Mainland researchers, and make every effort to better integrate itself into the overall development of the Nation. Moving forward, we are committed to cultivating young individuals’ enthusiasm towards space exploration, encouraging them to delve into scientific research in order to contribute to the Nation’s advancement and support Hong Kong's development into an international innovation and technology hub.” At the event, three representatives from the delegation delivered presentations to share their experiences in manned space missions. They then engaged in discussion and exchange on aerospace technologies, astronaut training, and life in space with a doctoral student and an undergraduate student. They were joined by Prof. YUNG Kai-leung, Sir Sze-yuen Chung Professor in Precision Engineering, Chair Professor of Precision Engineering and Associate Head of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Director of the Research Centre for Deep Space Explorations of PolyU; as well as Prof. WU Bo, Fiona Cheung Professor in Spatial Science, Associate Head (Research) of the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, and Associate Director of Research Centre for Deep Space Explorations of PolyU. Prof. Jin-Guang Teng said, “The achievements of our country in aerospace technologies not only showcase the strength of our Nation but also foster advancements in related fields for the betterment of mankind. PolyU has played a vital role in various key space exploration missions for the Nation and will continue to provide staunch support to University researchers to take part in national space missions in the future.” Since 2010, PolyU has been participating in the Nation’s space exploration programmes and collaborating with the China Academy of Space Technology to develop and manufacture sophisticated space instruments. PolyU researchers have also used advanced topographic mapping technologies to evaluate and identify the best landing sites for spacecraft. These contributions supported the success of the Nation’s lunar exploration missions, including Chang'e-3, Chang'e-4 and Chang'e-5, as well as the Mars exploration project Tianwen-1. In 2021, PolyU established the “Research Centre for Deep Space Explorations”. In 2022, the University established the “Joint Research Centre of Advanced Aerospace Propulsion Technology” in collaboration with the Academy of Aerospace Propulsion Technology.   ***END***

30 Nov, 2023

Events Mainland Development Office


Three PolyU projects receive top NSFC/RGC Collaborative Research Scheme funding and four projects supported by Joint Research Scheme

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has secured funding support for three projects under the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Research Grants Council (NSFC/RGC)’s Collaborative Research Scheme (CRS) 2023/24 Exercise. This accomplishment demonstrates the University’s research excellence in larger-scale scientific and technological projects. The three CRS projects received total funding of HK$10.5 million, leading the way among local education institutions in terms of the number of funded projects and the amount of funding granted. The research projects, all with a duration of four years, aim to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between universities in Mainland China and Hong Kong. They propose ground-breaking solutions for advancing information technology, management and environmental science. Led by Prof. Jiannong CAO, Dean of the Graduate School, Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Professor in Data Science, and Chair Professor of Distributed and Mobile Computing, the project “Efficient Scheduling of Integrated Cloud-Edge-End Computing Power for AI-enabled Applications” has received funding of HK$3.6 million. It proposes a systematic framework for the management and scheduling of integrated-cloud-edge-end computing power to support resource-hungry and latency-sensitive AI-empowered applications, contributing to the construction of the national computer power network. Prof. Geoffrey Q.P. SHEN, Associate Vice President (Global Partnerships), Director of Global Engagement and Chair Professor of Construction Management, leads the project “The Mechanism and Policy Optimisation of Multi-stakeholder Cross-regional Collaboration in the Construction Industry of the GBA”, also with a grant of HK$3.6 million. It aims to investigate mechanisms of cross-regional collaboration among stakeholders under ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and the influence mechanisms of collaboration behaviour on the performance of collaboration in the construction industry of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) so as to simulate and provide proposals for facilitating the development of relevant cooperation policies. Led by Prof. Songye ZHU, Associate Head and Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the project “Develop Next-generation Typhoon-resistant Deep-sea Offshore Floating Hybrid Wind-wave Energy Converters: From Coupling Load Mechanism to Vibration Migration Technology” has been granted HK$3.3 million. It proposes systematic investigations to advance the development of typhoon-resistant floating hybrid offshore wind-wave energy converters, which hold great promise as a renewable energy source. Professor Christopher CHAO, PolyU Vice President (Research and Innovation), said, “We are delighted and proud to have secured funding support from NSFC and RGC for promoting multidisciplinary collaborations with universities in Mainland China and Hong Kong. PolyU has received the largest number of approved projects and the highest level of funding among institutions in Hong Kong. This significant achievement reflects our research excellence in the fields of information technology, management and environmental science. It also reaffirms our position as a research powerhouse and a leading institution dedicated to driving scientific and technological advancements. PolyU will continue to champion innovation, collaboration and excellence in research, aiming to make a signature impact on the global stage.” Under the Joint Research Scheme (JRS) of the NSFC/RGC, four PolyU projects have received total funding support of HK$4.8 million for a duration of four years. The projects cover topics in life science, new materials science and sustainable city development. The four funded projects are “Novel SNARE Complexes of Autophagosome-lysosome Fusion: Mechanistic Study and Strategy for Modulation” led Prof. Yanxiang ZHAO, Associate Head and Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology; “A New Paradigm for Designing and Manufacturing of 4D Printed Reconfigurable Lattice Structures for Tunable Broadband Vibration Suppression” led by Prof. Li CHENG, Associate Dean of Research (ENG) and Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering; “Mastering the Synergy Between High-voltage Cathode and Electrolyte to Build Robust Interfaces for Advanced Potassium-ion Battery” led by Dr Biao ZHANG, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Physics; and “Recycling Construction Waste in Highway Embankments towards Sustainable Development of City Clusters: Geotechnical Assessment Considering Multi-physics Coupling Effects” led by Dr Chao ZHOU, Tsui Tack Kong Young Scholar in Civil Engineering and Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The NSFC/RGC supports research projects jointly proposed by Mainland China and Hong Kong researchers on the basis of their scientific merit. The CRS, which was newly introduced in 2022/23, aims to support larger-scale collaborative research across disciplines and/or across universities in the Mainland and Hong Kong with a view to enhancing research output and impact. The grant for each Hong Kong applicant is limited to HK$3.6 million. The JRS promotes collaboration between researchers in the Mainland and Hong Kong for their complementary strengths. The amount of funding for Hong Kong applicants is limited to HK$1.25 million. For further information of these PolyU funded projects, please refer to the appendix.   ***END***

29 Nov, 2023

Achievements Research and Innovation Office


PolyU and HKSI to establish joint research centre for advancing sports and technology development

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of the “PolyU–HKSI Research Centre” (the Centre) to drive research in the field of elite sports, promote the development of sports science and technology, and help Hong Kong athletes reach their full potential and achieve greater success. This strategic partnership will foster a closer collaboration between the PolyU and HKSI. Together, the two institutions will share resources and advance research in sports science and technology development. The Centre will connect PolyU researchers with sports organisations to form an expert team comprising academics, technologists, sports professionals and technical analysts. This team will conduct cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and develop joint proposals for large-scale projects. Witnessed by Dr LAM Tai-fai, Council Chairman of PolyU; Prof. Jin-Guang TENG, President as well as HKSI representatives including Mr Tony CHOI, Chief Executive Designate and Dr Raymond SO, Director of Elite Training Science & Technology, the MoU was signed by Prof. Christopher CHAO, Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU and Dr Trisha LEAHY, Chief Executive of HKSI to officially establish the “PolyU–HKSI Research Centre”. Prof. Jin-Guang Teng said, “PolyU has been a staunch supporter of sports development. We launched the ‘Outstanding Sportsmen Recommendation Scheme’ in 1998, and have partnered with the Hong Kong Sports Institute on the ‘Elite Athletes Study Programme’ since 2017 to encourage elite athletes to study undergraduate programmes at PolyU. The establishment of the Research Centre signifies the commitment of both parties to making greater contributions to promote the development of sports.” Dr Trisha Leahy said, “The HKSI is committed to supporting athletes’ performance through the development and utilisation of novel sports technologies. We look forward to working closely with PolyU and seeing Hong Kong athletes scale new heights.” The Centre will be jointly operated by PolyU’s Research Institute for Sports Science and Technology (RISports) and the HKSI under the leadership of the inaugural Centre Coordinators, Prof. Ming ZHANG from PolyU and Dr Raymond So from the HKSI. It will serve as a platform for research innovation, knowledge exchange and technology transfer in the realm of elite sports. RISports was established in June 2022 to address emerging societal needs in sports research and technology. It brings together multi-disciplinary experts from the PolyU and around the world to deliver advanced scientific solutions for the field of sports.   ***END***

28 Nov, 2023

Events Research and Innovation Office


PolyU honours five distinguished personalities at the 29th Congregation

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) held its 29th Congregation today, presided over by PolyU Council Chairman Dr LAM Tai-fai and President Prof. Jin-Guang TENG. At the Congregation, held in the Jockey Club Auditorium on campus, Honorary Doctorates were conferred upon five prominent figures and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees were awarded to 375 graduates. The five honorary degree recipients were (in alphabetical order of last name; please refer to the Appendix for the recipients’ biodata): The Hon Mrs Laura CHA SHIH May-lung, GBM, GBS, JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd Prof. GONG Qihuang, President of Peking University and Academician of The Chinese Academy of Sciences Mr Xiaojia Charles LI, SBS, Founder and Chairman of Micro Connect Prof. XU Ningsheng, Former President of Fudan University and Academician of The Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. ZHONG Nanshan, Professor of Internal Medicine at Guangzhou Medical University and Academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering Prof. Jin-Guang Teng extended his congratulations to the honorary doctorates and doctoral graduates, stating that the graduates are experiencing a period in which innovation and technology are evolving at an extraordinary pace with the emergence of game-changing technologies such as generative AI that are rapidly transforming the way we work, study and live. PolyU is renowned for its excellence in research, innovation and STEM disciplines, and its graduates are in a strong position to drive progress in this new technological era. He encouraged them to utilise their talent and make a significant contribution to the achievement of Hong Kong's vision of developing into an international innovation and technology hub and to propelling the scientific and socio-economic advancement of our Nation and beyond. Prof. Teng added that PolyU is positioning itself as an innovative world-class university with an aspiration to nurture graduates who will become leaders of innovation, and to translate research into innovations with direct societal benefits. He said, “The University has set up translational research institutes focused on technology and innovation in various cities across the Mainland, facilitating the transfer of knowledge to meet the industrial and societal needs of each city. Additionally, in response to the demands of talent for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are planning to establish a new Faculty at PolyU focused on computing, mathematical sciences and digital technology.” Prof. Teng advised the graduates, “As you step into the next chapter of your lives, let the diligence and determination you have demonstrated throughout your studies guide you in overcoming future obstacles and seizing new opportunities to make a positive difference to the world around them, living up to our University motto, ‘To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind’.” The University is conferring academic awards on a total of 10,304 students this year, including 375 Doctor of Philosophy degree graduates, 120 professional doctoral degree graduates, 50 Master of Philosophy degree graduates, 5,153 taught master’s degree graduates, 4,244 bachelor’s degree graduates, 17 postgraduate diploma recipients, and 345 sub-degree award recipients.   The Hon Mrs Laura Cha Shih May-lung was conferred the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration. Prof. Gong Qihuang was conferred the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science. Mr Xiaojia Charles Li was conferred the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration. Prof. Xu Ningsheng was conferred the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science. Prof. Zhong Nanshan was conferred the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science. *** END ***

25 Nov, 2023

Events Academic Registry


Consul General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong highlights the partnership in ICT between Bangladesh and Hong Kong in PolyU PReCIT’s third Consul General Talk

The Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology (PReCIT) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) hosted the third talk in the “Consul General Talk Series” with the topic “Promote Partnership between Bangladesh and Hong Kong in ICT for a Knowledge-based Economy” on 21 November. Supported by the PolyU Department of Applied Social Sciences and Global Engagement Office, the talk featured Ms Israt ARA, Consul General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong, who captivated the audience with her comprehensive insights into the intertwined relationship between ICT and transformation in the socio-economic life of people. Ms Ara shed light on how ICT can serve as a catalyst for the socio-economic transformation in societies and create business opportunities in the changing global economy. She further highlighted the transition from a “Digital Bangladesh” to a “Smart Bangladesh” by 2041. Referring to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Hong Kong and considering the position of Hong Kong as the global financial hub and innovation centre, she also sought cooperation from Hong Kong in collaborative research, human resource development, technology transfer, cybersecurity and more. Prof. Christopher CHAO, PolyU Vice President (Research and Innovation) and Director of PReCIT, emphasised the importance of partnerships between Bangladesh and Hong Kong in contributing to the growth of a knowledge-based economy in his welcoming speech. He highlighted the MoU signed earlier this year by PolyU and Jahangirnagar University, one of the top universities in Bangladesh, which established collaboration on education and research with Bangladesh. Prof. Eric CHUI, Head of the Department of Applied Social Science and Co-Director of PReCIT, expressed gratitude for the audience’s active participation and enthusiastic response. He urged PolyU students to foster an international perspective, embrace more exciting opportunities, and contribute to Hong Kong, our Nation, and the world. A Bangladeshi final-year PolyU student was also invited to share his experience of study and life in Hong Kong with participants, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and integration between PolyU’s local and non-local communities. Through the Hong Kong-based diplomats sharing their perspectives, PReCIT’s “Consul General Talk Series” aims to serve as a platform for the PolyU community and the general public to gain inspiring insights and knowledge about the development of innovation and technology, policies, as well as the opportunities and prospects in the Belt and Road countries.   ***END***

24 Nov, 2023

Events Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology


Inauguration of the PolyU Research Centre for Assistive Technology to foster research collaboration with local and international partners

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has inaugurated the Research Centre for Assistive Technology (RCATech) to support people with disabilities and the elderly in the field of assistive devices design and technology, as well as rehabilitation research and development, with the aim of creating an inclusive and accessible society. In addition, RCATech has entered into collaborative agreements with international research institutes and local industry partners in pursuit of its mission. As the first research centre for assistive technology among Hong Kong educational institutions, RCATech has partnered with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international educational institutions to advance multidisciplinary research and promote technology transformation for the benefit of industry and society more broadly. In Hong Kong, RCATech collaborates with five local NGOs: The Hong Kong Society for the Aged, Innovation Hub, Elderly Resources Centre of Hong Kong Housing Society, Hong Kong PHAB Association, SAHK and Association for Engineering and Medical Volunteer Services. Additionally, it partners with two international research centres, namely the AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence at the University of Toronto, in Canada and the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. It is also honoured to have Prof. Frank CHAN Fan, the former Secretary for Transport and Housing of the HKSAR government and the current Hong Kong’s Deputy to the National People’s Congress, as Honorary Advisor. RCATech directly engages with rehabilitation and healthcare professionals, engineers and designers to optimise research applications and generate impactful outcomes. The inauguration ceremony was held at PolyU campus on 20 November. During the ceremony, collaborative agreements were signed with international educational institutions and industry partners to strengthen RCATech's research platform and assistive technology development. Witnessed by Prof. Zuankai WANG, Associate Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU and Prof. David SHUM, Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHSS), and Ms Milie NG, Senior Project Manager, Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS) of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the Master Research Collaboration Agreement was signed by Prof. Christopher CHAO, Vice President (Research and Innovation), PolyU and Prof. Wei Tech ANG, Executive Director, RRIS, NTU. RCATech and RRIS at NTU signed an agreement for master research collaboration and project cooperation to advance rehabilitation research. One notable example is a feasibility study for the development of a normative ability database for individuals of Asian ethnicity with movement disorders and their healthy counterparts. Prof. Zuankai Wang said in the welcoming remarks, “RCATech and our partners share a strong desire to pursue collaborative research and development activities in rehabilitation. The inauguration of RCATech signifies a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts among academics, industry and professionals working on assistive technology to foster an inclusive and accessible society.” Prof. Wei Tech Ang said, “RRIS’ and RCATech’s joint efforts, exemplified by projects such as establishing the ability movement database, underscore our commitment to harnessing the latest technologies and patient data to enhance the lives of those in need. As we embark on this journey together, I am confident that RCATech, with its multidisciplinary approach and international co-operations, will continue to be a beacon in the pursuit of excellence in assistive technology, fostering inclusivity and accessibility for all.” Additionally, PolyU Faculty of Health and Social Sciences has formed a partnership with HKT to provide support to the research projects conducted by FHSS academics, researchers and students on the PolyU campus leveraging HKT’s 5G network coverage and services. The cooperation also includes collaborative research activities aimed at benefiting the healthcare industry. Prof. David Shum said, “PolyU distinguishes itself by being the first university in Hong Kong to establish a dedicated research centre for assistive technology. This distinction arises from the University’s unique combination of disciplines – rehabilitation, health sciences, design, environmental studies and engineering – working alongside the PolyU Industrial Centre. Together, we will strive to develop cutting-edge devices, systems and research projects that will not only lead the field in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region, but also have a positive impact on society.” Prof. Frank CHAN Fan, Honorary Advisor of RCATech, said, “Assistive Technology is now recognised as a life changer. With the establishment of the Research Centre for Assistive Technology, PolyU is poised to become the epicentre in the search for excellence in rehabilitation sciences and assistive technology My warmest congratulations to all those who have made it happen and make a difference, and thank you for everything you have done.” About RCATech RCATech leverages PolyU’s research excellence and academic heritage in the rehabilitation, health sciences, design, environmental and engineering disciples to develop fundamental technologies and intelligent applications. The Centre comprises researchers from the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, School of Design, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Construction and Environment, Industrial Centre and Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation.   ***END***

24 Nov, 2023

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15 PolyU academics recognised amongst world’s most highly cited researchers; PolyU ranked third in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has the third highest number of the world’s most highly cited researchers in Hong Kong this year, with 15 PolyU academics (including two former PolyU scholars) being recognised in the list of “Highly Cited Researchers 2023” by Clarivate Analytics for their significant research impact, as reflected in their publication of multiple papers that have been frequently cited by fellow academics. A total of 6,849 researchers from 67 countries and regions from a diverse range of research fields are named as Highly Cited Researchers in 2023. The list identifies the most influential scholars from around the world, determined by the production of multiple highly-cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science citation index over the last 11 years. The inclusion of 15 PolyU academics in the list is a testament to the University’s pursuit of research excellence and commitment to positive societal impact on various fronts. PolyU researchers featured in the list are as follows (in alphabetical order):   Category Name Title and Department Cross-Field Prof. Daniel S.P. LAU Chair Professor of the Department of Applied Physics Prof. LI Gang Chair Professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Prof. Kian Ping LOH Chair Professor of the Department of Applied Physics Dr MA Ruijie Postdoctoral Fellow of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Prof. Geoffrey Q. P. SHEN Associate Vice President (Global Partnerships) and Chair Professor of the Department of Building and Real Estate Prof. WANG Zuankai Associate Vice President (Research and Innovation) and Chair Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Tom Tao WU Chair Professor of the Department of Applied Physics Prof. YAN Feng Chair Professor of the Department of Applied Physics Dr Iris YU Ka-ming Former Research Assistant Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology Dr ZHANG Xiao Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Engineering Prof. YAN Jinyue Jerry Chair Professor of the Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering Prof. ZHANG Lei John Chair Professor of the Department of Computing Chemistry Dr HUANG Bolong Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology Computer Science Dr GUO Song Former Professor of the Department of Computing Social Science Prof. LAW Rob Honorary Professor of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management   ***END***

21 Nov, 2023

Achievements Institutional Planning and Analytics Office

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