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PolyU to hold Online Info Day for Taught Postgraduate Programmes on 8 January

With 85 years of proud tradition, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) ranks among the world’s top 100 institutions. Over the years, PolyU has been committed to nurturing professional talents by providing a wide range of high-quality postgraduate programmes to meet the ever-changing needs of industry and society. In the academic year of 2022/23, PolyU will offer about 80 taught postgraduate programmes, including the newly launched Master of Science in Aviation Engineering, Master of Health Communication* and Master of Science in Hospitality Business Innovation. All taught postgraduate programmes are now open for applications. In view of the pandemic situation, the PolyU Info Day for Taught Postgraduate Programmes (Info Day) will go online again this year. The online event will be held on 8 January 2022 (Saturday) from 1pm to 6pm, to provide first-hand admission/programme information and consultations to prospective students regarding their studies. A wide range of programme seminars will be organised by the eight Faculties/Schools of PolyU: Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles; Faculty of Business; Faculty of Construction and Environment; Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Health and Social Sciences; Faculty of Humanities; School of Design; and School of Hotel and Tourism Management. For more details about the Info Day, please visit: . For Info Day registration, please go to: Registration deadline: 6 January 2022 (Thursday), 11:59 pm Info Day enquiries: (852) 2333 0600 / For programme details and application procedures, please visit: . As applications received will be considered on a rolling basis, applicants are advised to submit their applications as early as possible. * The offer of this programme is subject to approval   ***END***

3 Jan, 2022

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Over 500 PolyU staff and students attended 2022 New Year’s Day flag-raising ceremony

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) today held a flag-raising ceremony on campus to welcome the start of the new year. Dr WANG Songmiao, Secretary General of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR); Mr ZHANG Zhihua, Director General of the Department of Youth Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR; Mr Alfred SIT, the Secretary for Innovation and Technology of the HKSAR Government; Dr LAM Tai-fai, Council Chairman of PolyU; Dr Lawrence LI Kwok-chang, PolyU’s Deputy Council Chairman; Dr Katherine NGAN NG Yu-ying, Court Chairman of PolyU; Professor Jin-Guang TENG, President of PolyU, together with more than 500 guests including PolyU Council and Court members, staff and students, attended the ceremony, wishing continued prosperity and vibrancy for the Nation and Hong Kong.

1 Jan, 2022

Events Communications and Public Affairs Office

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PolyU and University of Maryland from the US, jointly established the Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety (CAiRS) Combining AI and innovative technologies to improve product safety and system reliability

In our daily life, there are many reliability and safety issues. Electronics degrade due to complex electronics ageing, latent software faults, and the interactions between the two. Also, electronic system failures are inevitable because of the current methods to assess reliability and safety. These issues are very likely to lead to serious consequences.

29 Dec, 2021

Research & Innovation Research and Innovation Office


PolyU educators win three distinguished awards at the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Reimagine Education Awards 2021

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) educators received one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze award at Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Reimagine Education 2021, in recognition of their innovative teaching and learning methods. Co-organised by QS and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the Reimagine Education Awards are regarded as the “Oscars” of education, rewarding innovative approaches that enhance students’ learning outcomes and employability. The winning teams respectively led by Professor Daniel SHEK, Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme) of PolyU, and Dr Fridolin TING, Senior Teaching Fellow at the Department of Applied Mathematics of PolyU, were among 1,350 contestants from 84 countries and regions. The winning projects of PolyU were: Gold Award in Nurturing Wellbeing & Purpose category Project title: Leadership and Intrapersonal Development Programme Project leader: Professor Daniel Shek, Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme), PolyU Project summary: The programme builds up important positive attributes and competencies among university students, enabling them to pursue continual self-improvement, enhance their wellbeing, and contribute to society, through a suite of four subjects, namely Tomorrow’s Leaders, Service Leadership, Promotion of Children and Adolescent Development, and Service Leadership through Serving Children and Families with Special Needs, with both formal and informal learning processes. Silver Award in Science of Learning category  Project title: Innovative PALMS Drawing Pedagogies and Apps to Increase Active Learning in Mathematics and Science Project leader: Dr Fridolin Ting, Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Applied Mathematics, PolyU Project summary: According to extensive evidenced-based research, active learning strategies significantly improve Science and Mathematics students' achievement, understanding and application of concepts. In addition, writing and drawing are integral parts of learning and teaching in the Sciences and Mathematics, to convey abstract concepts and ideas. This project aims to increase active learning in Science and Mathematics education through innovative pedagogies, mobile writing and drawing applications. Bronze Award in K12 category Project title: Developing Active Learning Pedagogies and Mobile Applications in High School Mathematics Education Project leader: Dr Fridolin Ting, Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Applied Mathematics, PolyU Project summary: The project combines active learning pedagogies and novel writing and drawing apps that are optimal for active learning and conveying abstract concepts and ideas for Mathematics students. Thirty-five secondary school mathematics teachers and principals have been involved in the project. Professor WONG Kwok-yin, Vice President (Education) of PolyU, expressed his warm congratulations to the project teams. He said, “PolyU strives to foster innovative learning and teaching, aiming to provide quality education to students. The teams demonstrated great enthusiasm in developing pioneering teaching approaches that have brought real benefits to students from secondary to tertiary levels. The attainment of these prestigious awards is undoubtedly an exceptional recognition of our efforts in pursuing learning and teaching excellence.” ***Ends***

21 Dec, 2021

Achievements Communications and Public Affairs Office


Jiangsu-Hong Kong-Macao University Alliance officially inaugurated to jointly nurture talents and promote innovation and technology development in the three regions

The Jiangsu-Hong Kong-Macao University Alliance (JHMUA) jointly established by Nanjing University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the University of Macau was officially inaugurated at a ceremony held today simultaneously in Nanjing and Hong Kong. The JHMUA aims to leverage the advantages of institutions in Jiangsu Province, Hong Kong and Macau to strengthen exchange and collaboration in areas such as talent cultivation and research in innovation and technology.

16 Dec, 2021

Events Mainland Development Office


PolyU collaborates with C-MER Eye Care to nurture Hong Kong’s young optometrists in the Greater Bay Area

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) signed a five-year memorandum of understanding today with C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited to advance optometry development and eye and vision health in Hong Kong and Mainland China. About 60 students of PolyU’s world-leading School of Optometry will receive up to three weeks of clinical training in C-MER hospitals, clinics and optical centres in Hong Kong and other Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities every year; while researchers and specialists from the School and C-MER will collaborate on scientific studies about myopia management and ageing eyes – the main eye health challenges shared by Hong Kong and the Nation. The signing ceremony was held on PolyU’s campus, where Professor David SHUM, Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of PolyU, and Dr Dennis LAM, President and CEO of C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited, signed the document regarding the collaboration. The signing was witnessed by Professor Wing-tak WONG, Deputy President and Provost of PolyU; Professor Chi-ho TO, Chair Professor of Experimental Optometry and Head of School of Optometry of PolyU; and the senior management of C-MER Eye Care. Professor Wong said, “C-MER Eye Care is an outstanding institution, both in terms of its massive teams of professional ophthalmologists and optometrists, as well as its well-established eyecare clinics across the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Beijing and Shanghai. PolyU is delighted to further strengthen its strategic collaboration with C-MER in advancing the research and talent development of optometry, particularly in terms of accelerating the field’s development in the Greater Bay Area.” Dr Lam said, “Through our C-MER eye hospital and clinic network in the GBA, we are very pleased to provide the PolyU students not only with clinical trainings, but also opportunities to know more about GBA. Such first-hand experience about the GBA and the human network established will be very beneficial to those who choose to develop their careers in future in the GBA.” The School of Optometry has been proactively collaborating with local ophthalmologists and counterparts around the world to provide students with hands-on experience, equipping them with the skills they need for their future careers. Professor To said, “The support from C-MER will enhance the School’s optometric education, helping to take the local optometric profession to the next level.” He added that clinical training cooperation with C-MER clinics in Hong Kong has started since August, benefiting 38 final year optometry students so far. The clinical training offered by C-MER in the GBA covers attachment programs to ophthalmologists on diagnosing and treating eye diseases, including medication and surgical treatment. Trainees will benefit from the rapid development of the optometry profession in the Mainland. The collaboration also brings together the complementary strengths of the School’s world-leading research capability (with its research impact ranking first in Asia according to Clinical and Experimental Optometry), and C-MER’s vast network of some twenty ophthalmic clinics and hospitals in the GBA, Beijing, Shanghai, etc., making it the only Hong Kong medical service provider that has sizeable operations in the Mainland. PolyU’s School of Optometry The School of Optometry of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is the only institution in Hong Kong that offers a bachelor’s honours degree programme in optometry leading to a professional qualification as an optometrist in Hong Kong. Optometrists are primary healthcare professionals who promote ocular health and vision through diagnosis and provision of suitable treatment options. The School’s undergraduate degree programme is regarded as one of the best globally. As a top-ranking optometry department in the world for research excellence, the School strives to undertake research-based teaching of the highest academic standards and to contribute to the promotion and delivery of high-quality vision and eye care in Hong Kong and elsewhere. C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited is the largest HK medical service provider in the Mainland China. It is also one of the largest eye care groups in HK and the only group that has a sizable operation in the Mainland. Apart from ophthalmology, C-MER is now expanding their service scopes to dentistry and other specialities. Their goal is to facilitate the integration of HK’s medical service through their growing network in the Mainland, so as to become a good platform which provides affordable and high quality medical services to people in the GBA and beyond.   ***Ends***

13 Dec, 2021

Events School of Optometry


PolyU’s Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology Dr Franco Leung receives the Croucher Innovation Award 2021

Dr Franco King-chi LEUNG, Assistant Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), has received the Croucher Innovation Award 2021 (the Award) in recognition of his outstanding achievements in supramolecular and material science research. Each award carries a value of up to HK$5 million over five years for the research expenses of the award winner. Dr Leung is pleased to receive the Award and considers it a motivation to continue his research. He said, "I am most grateful to the Croucher Foundation for their recognition of my research on a Supramolecular Robotic System of Photoresponsive Molecular Amphiphiles. I hope this research can facilitate the development of a supramolecular robotic system and be applied in medical and other fields to make a positive impact on society." Dr Leung attained a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Chemical Technology and a Master of Philosophy degree (MPhil) from PolyU in 2011 and 2013 respectively. He carried out his Master’s research on catalysis and chemical biology. As one of Dr Leung’s teachers during his undergraduate studies, Prof. Wing-tak WONG, Deputy President and Provost of PolyU, was delighted to learn that his student’s research capability is being recognised. In his congratulatory message, Prof. Wong said, "PolyU is committed to advancing research development and encourages students to get a taste of research during their undergraduate studies. Dr Leung’s achievements demonstrate the promising potential of young scientists. PolyU will continue to offer staunch support to interdisciplinary research, and we look forward to the further discoveries of Dr Leung’s research." Dr Leung expanded his research scope during his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) studies on supramolecular chemistry and material science under the guidance of Prof. Takanori Fukushima at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. In April 2017, he joined Prof. Ben L. Feringa’s group (2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, as a postdoc fellow and was awarded the Croucher Postdoctoral Fellowship, where he developed photoresponsive soft materials of molecular motors and switches. Since June 2019, Dr Leung has returned to PolyU as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology. In the last two years, Dr Leung and his team’s research has been designed and orientated to exploit the full intrinsic potential of synthetic organic chemistry to build new supramolecular structures, functions and hierarchical systems. The major goal is to design novel supramolecular functional systems, across length-scale, into stimuli-responsive functional soft materials. He expects the novel soft material created can leverage its photoresponsive characteristic in a medical aspect, in order to achieve more precise treatment. Dr Leung and his team have successfully created a supramolecular robotic system of photoresponsive molecular amphiphiles which is able to be photo-actuated. Dr Leung said this development is only one stage of the entire research project, and he will continue to conduct in-depth research on applications based on this in the future. The team’s research focuses on the following two major areas: (1) Life-like Supramolecular Soft Actuators - This research programme aims to develop highly dynamic, reversible, and biocompatible supramolecular soft actuators, which are complementary to existing polymeric soft actuators; (2) Controlled Supramolecular Transformations of Hierarchical Systems - This research programme is designed to control reversible transformations of supramolecular assembly and organisations at different hierarchical levels, in supramolecular soft materials and self-assembled two-dimensional structures on various substrate surfaces. Dr Leung has been obsessed with chemistry since secondary school, and decided to devote himself to research after entering PolyU. He thanked his alma mater for laying a solid academic foundation for his scientific research. "PolyU has always attached great importance to the development of scientific research and provided support to research teams in various ways. The University’s laboratories are well-equipped with advanced equipment to facilitate researchers to carry out experiments. PolyU’s interdisciplinary research culture also helps to integrate expertise from different disciplines to deepen and widen the scope of research." Although some people are sceptical about the value of basic research, Dr Leung said with a smile that there are many basic research results that can change the world and benefit mankind. He encouraged young people who are interested in participating in scientific research to interact with friends from different fields to develop thinking from different perspectives.   *** End***

9 Dec, 2021

Achievements Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology


PolyU pledges to support sports development with R&D in sports sciences and academic programmes for athletes, as National Team Olympians visit the campus

Six National Team Olympians who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Games visited The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) today and appeared in a meet-and-greet session with students, alumni, staff and members of the public. The Olympic gold medallists included MA Long, the first five-time gold medallist in table tennis; rower CUI Xiaotong; weightlifter LU Xiaojun; swimming coach WANG Aimin; fencer SUN Yiwen; and SU Bingtian, an Asian record holder and the first Chinese sprinter who has qualified for a men’s 100-metre final in the Olympic Games.

5 Dec, 2021

Events Mainland Development Office

PolyU welcomes the Joint Maintenance Management Cooperation Arrangement signed by Hong Kong, Mainland and Macau aviation authorities

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) welcomed the signing of the Joint Maintenance Management Cooperation Arrangement between Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau. The Arrangement will offer more career opportunities to Hong Kong’s young people aspiring to work in the aviation industry, and further strengthen Hong Kong's position as a leading international aviation hub. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong (CAD) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Macao (AACM) signed the Arrangement today. It aims to enable holders of aircraft maintenance licences issued by the three authorities to work in the aircraft maintenance organisations located in the three places. PolyU’s Ir Professor H.C. Man, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, appreciated the tremendous effort and hard work of CAD to conclude the Cooperation Arrangement. He said, “We are glad that the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence qualifications obtained by our graduates are recognised by CAAC and AACM, allowing our graduates to have opportunities to work in Mainland China and Macau.” PolyU’s Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering (AAE) currently runs two Bachelor of Engineering Schemes (Air Transport Engineering and Aviation Engineering), which have integrated the CAD-approved aircraft maintenance training syllabus. While AAE is fully responsible for the provision of all theoretical training, it is collaborating very closely with the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (HAECO) to provide a large part of the practical training to its students. Upon successful completion of both the theoretical and practical assessments, as well as fulfilment of all the subsequent practical experience gained from the actual aircraft maintenance environment, PolyU’s graduates will be able to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence. AAE intends to increase the number of intakes for eligible students in the Greater Bay Area to foster the development of the aviation industry in the region.   *** Ends ***

30 Nov, 2021

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PolyU welcomes the re-appointments of Dr Lam Tai-fai, Dr Lawrence Li Kwok-chang and Ms Loretta Fong Wan-huen as Council Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Treasurer of the University respectively

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is pleased that Mrs Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-ngor, Chancellor of PolyU, has re-appointed Dr LAM Tai-fai as PolyU’s Council Chairman for a term of three years with effect from 1 January 2022. Dr Lawrence LI Kwok-chang and Ms Loretta FONG Wan-huen are also re-appointed as Deputy Council Chairman and Treasurer of the University respectively for a term of three years.

26 Nov, 2021

Others Communications and Public Affairs Office

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