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Academic Advising

Aims of Academic Advising System

Academic advising aims to help you make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about your study at PolyU that suit your intellectual, professional and personal goals.


Two-tier Academic Advising Systems @ PolyU

There are two components in the academic advising system at PolyU:

  • Department-based Academic Advising (Primarily for matters related to major programme and career)
  • Institutional level Academic Advising by the Student Affair Office (SAO) (primarily for matters related to GUR)



Every undergraduate student admitted to BICS programme will be assigned to one academic staff who will act as his/her Academic Advisor throughout his/her course of study at PolyU. The Department will introduce the Academic Advising System and the academic advisors to new students in Programme orientation.


Academic Advising Officer@SAO (Counselling and Wellness Section)