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Sept 2024 Entry

Mixed Mode

1 year




Early applications are strongly encouraged.


Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme     
A total of 3 fellowships shall be awarded to local students of MSc in Nutrition and Healthy Ageing / MSc in Nutrition and Healthy Ageing (Nutrition in Practice). Please click here for details. 

PolyU reserves the right to change or withdraw the fellowship at any time. In case of any dispute/disagreement, PolyU’s decision is final. 

Application Deadline
Local - Mixed Mode
Sept 2024 Entry - Early Round Application Deadline: 2023-11-16 Main Round Application Deadline: 2024-04-30
Non-local - Mixed Mode
Sept 2024 Entry - Early Round Application Deadline: 2023-11-16 Main Round Application Deadline: 2024-04-30
About Programme
How to Apply
Aims & Characteristics

This programme aims to provide a unique, professionally oriented education opportunity for Bachelor’s degree holders with relevant backgrounds, and to produce well-trained nutritionists capable of meeting the needs of the community, especially those of the elderly. The programme nurtures well-rounded and competitive graduates with excellent knowledge and skills. It includes a carefully designed curriculum, modern learning/teaching methodologies, multiple assessment tools, and workplace learning experiences, with the primary goal of contributing to the health and well-being of the ageing population.


Upon the successful completion of the programme, students should be able to

(i)  use their professional skills and knowledge to provide nutrition services and assess the nutritional status of individuals, especially the elderly;

(ii) provide nutrition counselling and education for individuals, groups and communities to optimise health and well-being, with an emphasis on healthy ageing, by applying specific principles of nutrition and communication strategies;

(iii) understand the food chain and its impact on people’s food choices, as well as the role of nutrition and diet in healthy ageing;

(iv) analyse and apply research methods in various nutrition and healthy ageing studies and settings; and

(v) demonstrate the critical thinking, communication and analytical skills required to identify and solve problems related to nutrition and healthy ageing.

Recognition & Prospects


The curriculum design is based on the requirements of the UK Association for Nutrition (AfN) for programme accreditation. Graduates have the opportunity to apply to the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) to become Registered Associate Nutritionists (ANutr) via portfolio.



Graduates enjoy excellent job prospects in public health and nutritional science, whether in health services, academia or the food and nutrition industry.


Students need to complete the following subjects:

  1. Advanced Human Physiology and Anatomy
  2. Food Preparation and Menu Planning
  3. Mental Health and the Aged
  4. Nutrition and Health for Older Adults
  5. Nutrition Education and Counselling
  6. Nutritional Assessment
  7. Practicum I
  8. Capstone Project
  9. Public Health Nutrition
  10. Research Methods & Data Analysis
Credit Required for Graduation


Programme Leader(s)

Dr Christine Shi-ying Li
BSc, MSc, PhD, RNutr (UK)

Subject Area
Nutrition and Healthy Ageing
Entrance Requirements
  • A Bachelor's degree with honours in food, nutrition, biological science or health-related disciplines, or other relevant science disciplines.


If you are not a native speaker of English, and your Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification is awarded by institutions where the medium of instruction is not English, you are expected to fulfil the University’s minimum English language requirement for admission purpose. Please refer to the "Admission Requirements" section for details.


For further programme information, please contact us via email: msc.healthyageing@polyu.edu.hk

Other Information

Class Arrangement

  • Classes are normally scheduled on weekday evenings and Saturdays within an academic year.


Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

  • ‘FSN5023 Public Health Nutrition’ (3 credits) offered in this programme has been included the list of reimbursable subjects under the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) [For course commencement after October 2022].


Related Programmes

Initial Registration Credits

6 for local students
12 for non-local students

Programme Leaflet

Please click here to download.

Tuition Fee

HK$5,900 per credit for local and non-local students

One-off entry scholarships of HK$10,000 each will be granted to students with excellent academic achievements.

PolyU reserves the right to change or withdraw the scholarship at any time. In case of any dispute/disagreement, PolyU’s decision is final.

Student Message

This Master’s programme enriched my understanding of nutrition through practical courses on topics such as nutrition assessment, menu planning and nutrition counselling. These courses provide the fundamental knowledge that students need to become nutritionists – even those new to the field. To nurture community nutritionists, the practicum component allows students to offer nutrition advice to real clients according to their individual needs.


During my study, I learned about the work of community nutritionists. Despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, my learning process was facilitated by the excellent support provided by the professors and staff. Through various guest lectures given by nutrition professionals, I gained new insights into nutrition in both community and business contexts. Overall, I think that this Master’s programme provides invaluable practical experience for students who wish to become community nutritionists.

HO Wing Hei

The MSc in Nutrition and Healthy Ageing has a well-designed programme and provides a rich learning experience. The programme covers not only nutrition-related theory but also ageing-related mental health issues and nutrition counselling skills, focusing on the needs of Hong Kong’s ageing society. In addition, the teaching staff are enthusiastic about helping students and sharing their experiences of and research on nutrition-related topics. We engaged directly with the local community and older people via various placement opportunities. During the placements, we had the chance to organise multiple nutrition workshops for older people, such as sessions on healthy cooking, nutrition label reading and sarcopenia. This was an invaluable cross-generational learning experience. Working with and learning from students from diverse backgrounds made our projects and placements even more interesting. In sum, I enjoyed my MSc in Nutrition and Healthy Ageing studies very much, and the knowledge and skills I gained will definitely support my career development in the field of nutrition. 

TONG Yat Kiu

Completing my Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Healthy Ageing was a fruitful and rewarding experience. Not only did the programme enrich my nutrition knowledge, which is indispensable for my career in this field, but it also offered a wide range of practicum opportunities and hands-on projects, which significantly elevated my learning experience here. The practicums are among the highlights of this programme, making it unique and professionally oriented. During the practicums, we had the opportunity to organise multiple nutrition activities for the elderly, such as cooking workshops, exercise sessions and nutritional assessments, under the guidance of nutrition professionals and project supervisors. These activities allowed us to gain invaluable experience of and practical skills in working in the community. On top of that, this programme also enabled us to participate in nutrition-related research through various projects and practices, equipping us to become well-rounded individuals capable of engaging in different areas and pathways in the field of nutrition.

Beyond academic achievement, a priceless aspect of this programme is the long-lasting bonds established among classmates. The combined efforts of and support from teachers and staff also made my experience tremendously rewarding. My year here was truly enjoyable and unforgettable.

LEE Pui Kei

The MSc in Nutrition and Healthy Ageing has a highly practical programme. The course design includes a variety of nutrition-related lectures, guest talks and field experiences to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and healthy ageing. In addition, this is the first Master’s programme in nutrition in Hong Kong to offer a community practicum. Through hands-on practice in the community, we gained a better understanding of how to apply our knowledge in real-world settings. During the practicum, we received guidance from nutrition professionals and supervisors on how to organise and conduct activities related to nutrition promotion. We gained first-hand experience in public health nutrition research, promotion and intervention. This allowed us to better understand the challenges and opportunities of nutritional work in the community, which has helped my career development. To sum up, my year of study on this programme was a memorable and meaningful experience that gave me a deeper understanding of and insights into the nutrition industry.

CHOI Yee Tung

This programme offers specialised courses in nutrition and psychology and provides professional training in nutritional counselling skills. In addition, the practicum helps students apply theory to practice. I hosted several community nutrition workshops during the practicum, which was a priceless experience. Through these activities, I gained valuable practical expertise and learned the importance of community nutritionists. I thank all of my teachers for their help when I encountered difficulties. I have enjoyed this year of study. All the knowledge and skills I have gained will be helpful in my future career.

SONG Jiaxiang
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