General Information
Taught Postgraduate

Online applications can be made via our eAdmission system. Please note that our University does not authorize any person, organisation or agency for student recruitment purposes. Interested person should submit your application to us via eAdmission directly. The application fee, which is non-refundable, should be settled upon the submission of an application. Other than the specified application fee, applicants are not required to pay any money to any persons in connection with the application.


Our taught postgraduate programmes are normally offered on a self-financed basis. The tuition fees for individual programmes vary depending on the number of credits to be taken and the activities involved (where applicable). The levels of tuition fees for local and non-local students are different for most of our taught postgraduate programmes. For more details, please click here.


New students are required to pay an initial tuition fee (i.e. number of initial registration credits X tuition fee per credit) when they take up their offer. Please refer to the "Initial Registration Credits" under the "Fees" section in the individual programme entries of this e-Prospectus for the actual initial tuition fees to be charged. The initial tuition fee will be converted to form part of the tuition fee. Tuition fee for the first semester shall be settled in full by the payment deadline as specified in the debit note.


Initial tuition fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable, except in the case of programme cancellation. The University also reserves the right to revise its tuition fees from time to time.