Subject-based Admission
Taught Postgraduate

The University has a provision for interested parties, who do not intend to pursue a formal academic award, to enrol on individual subjects of self-financed programmes. Enrolment of subject-based students is processed on a semester basis.


Academic Year 2023/24

The 3 semesters of the academic year 2023/24 will run from:

Semester One – 4 September to 2 December 2023
Semester Two – 15 January to 20 April 2024
Summer Term – 27 May to 13 July 2024


Subjects and Timetable

The list of subjects to be offered and open for subject-based admission in Semester Two can be retrieved here.


Enrolment Method

For enrolment on the subject(s), please complete application form AR137 and submit it to the relevant subject offering department(s) for consideration.


Academic Year 2024/25

Below are the key dates of the academic calendar for 2024/25. The list of subjects to be offered will be updated in due course.

Semester One – 2 September to 30 November 2024

Semester Two – 13 January to 17 April 2025

Summer Term – 26 May to 12 July 2025