To enhance your resilience in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have prepared 30 simple and easy self-nourishment tips in three aspects.

Stay compassionate to self

Self-compassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail or feel inadequate; and NOT to judge and criticize ourselves harshly. For example, you would allow yourselves some relaxing times without feeling guilty even in a very tight schedule.

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Tip16 kindgentlewords rev1

Tip17 hugyourpet

Tip18 refreshed

Tip19 inspriationothers

Tip20 maketodaycount

Stay connected with others

Belongingness is a subjective experience that you feel being accepted and connected in a relationship or part of the community. The social ties provide emotional support, which enhance your psychological well-being. For example, you may find belongingness in your family relationship, courtship, friendship, student society, volunteer team, church or university.

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Tip07 AskforHelp rev1

Tip08 BeConsiderate

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Tip10 HelpaFriend

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Tip22 aware rev2

Tip23 kindness 002

Tip24 listen 003

Tip25 empathy 003

Stay optimistic in adversity

Optimism is an attitude or a belief that you opt to stay with adversity with hope and explore its positive side as well.  For example, you choose to face the challenge of academic failure or ending of a romantic relationship with positive thinking.

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Tip12 blessing rev1

Tip13 trust

Tip14 strength rev1

Tip15 courage

Tip26 joyful rev1

Tip27 positivethinkinh

Tip28 believegood

Tip29 staywithhumor

Tip30 accept


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