The PolyU Wellness Fund was set up by SAO with the aim to enhance the mental well-being of students through group-base student-initiated projects. We are very glad to have received different creative ideas from students on wellness promotion. Please refer to the registration details below and you are encouraged to join these meaningful activities delivered by your fellow students.


Exercise Anytime Anywhere


The games we designed at the booth will offer you the chance
to learn how to make use of any home-based equipment and
experiential gaming to exercise anywhere.


We hope to encourage you in doing more exercise and
promote your physical well-being through playing games.


Join us at the booth and have fun! 

For further details, please click HERE.



Students who complete the SleepWELL 21-day Sleep Plan
will get an earplug (100 per day, first come first served)
from 16 Nov to 18 Nov 2021, 12.00. to 15.00, FJ Podium.


Participate in the on-site lottery session for eye masks to
get exquisite sleeping tips for the 21 days.
We will set up the exhibition on site.


Everyone is welcome to participate in the growth of healthy sleep.
Let’s SleepWELL.

For the SleepWELL 21-day Sleep Plan, please click HERE.

Embrace Your Emotions


This project aims to help PolyU students express their feelings effectively.

Come and join the activity booth from 1 Nov to 3 Nov at VA counter!


For just ten minutes, you will get a chance to win prizes!  
The 'Embrace Your Emotion’ Online Quiz aims to enhance your awareness
and understanding of emotions.

Those of you who have completed the quiz and answered
all questions correctly will be selected randomly
to win an Emoji Stress Ball! Do it NOW!

(Deadline: 27 November 2021)

Open Your Heart Through Nature Journey


By joining these activities, you will have an opportunity to connect with nature.

Here you can participate in the herbarium workshop, and visit the Victoria Peak together.  

You can enjoy nature while sharing your current university life with new friends.


For further details, please click HERE.

(Deadline: 7 November 2021)



You are invited to join this experiential activity to experience the positive effects

of saying positive words of encouragement to the plant every day and

record the changes in the appearance of the plant as it grows.


For further details, please click HERE.

(Deadline: 26 October 2021)




More Student-Initiated Wellness Promotion Projects will be coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.



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