To enhance the mental well-being of students through group-base student-initiated projects, a PolyU Wellness Fund was set up by SAO. We are very glad to have received different creative ideas from students on wellness promotion. Please refer to the details below and you are encouraged to join these meaningful activities delivered by your fellow students.

Relax, Release, Reconnect


Through artistic creation and activities, you will have the opportunity to relax.

You will learn ways to get in touch with your inner emotions,

reconnect with your positive thinking and apply it in daily life.


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Mind-relaxing Art Jamming


Let us relax and take a break from our busy life.

Through creative artwork and personal sharing,

you will get in touch with your inner emotions.

Time to take care of your mental health! 


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Zest Weeks with Poly Fun


We have prepared an activity to enlighten your day by

encouraging you to refresh your minds through

visiting several inspiring places in Hong Kong or outside of Hong Kong.


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Helping and Promoting Mental Health Programme


Aromatherapy Workshop:

Aromatherapy is considered to be an effective way for stress management.

Join us now and enjoy exquisite gifts.

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Wellness Station: What do you know about mental health?

Seize the chance of winning prizes by coming to our station and completing the Online Quiz now!


More Student-Initiated Wellness Promotion Projects will be coming soon. If you want to be part of something GREAT and MEANINGFUL, don’t hesitate to throw us some of your ideas. We welcome new applications around September 2021 and look forward to all your creative Student-Initiated Wellness Promotion Projects.

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