Academic Advising (Students)

Academic advising aims to help you make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about your study at PolyU that suit your intellectual, professional and personal goals.

Let's start with the benefits of academic advising!

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Two-tier Academic Advising System

There are two components in the academic advising system at PolyU:

  • Department-based Academic Advising (primarily for matters related to major programme and career)
  • Institutional-level Academic Advising by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) (primarily for matters related to General University Requirements (GUR))

Two tier Advising Aug 2021


What is eAdvising

eAvising provides essential information and advice related to the university adjustment challenges and graduation requirements. You can also find resources related to your academic performance and study plan, and tips for making academic choices on this platform.

Who should use eAdvising

All newly admitted students are expected to complete the core modules of eAdvising within first four weeks in PolyU, and attend to the elective modules according to their developmental needs and university goals.

Access the eAdvising module

To access the eAdvising module, log in to the 'LEARN@PolyU' and under 'My Course' find the course name 'GUR & Academic Advising'.