PolyU startups showcase impactful robotics innovations

On 2 February 2024, the Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office at PolyU held the “PolyVentures Business Meetup: Robotics Innovation and Start-ups Showcase”, providing a platform for PolyU startups and researchers to network with industry partners and other stakeholders to explore collaboration opportunities.


Prof. Zhang Dan, Chair Professor of Intelligent Robotics and Automation from the Department of Mechanical Engineering delivered a keynote speech, “The Future of Manufacturing: How Robotics is Shaping the Industry”, revealing how robotics is shaping the future of the manufacturing industry and the latest development in this transformative domain.


During the event, the founders of four PolyU-nurtured startups - Mr Bi Jingyun, Engineer, Widemount Dynamics Tech Limited; Mr Johnny Choi, Founder and Project Director, IG-Inno Limited; Mr Matthew Wong, Co-founder and Industrial Engineer, Bonbon-X Limited; and Mr Xu Huafeng, Founder and CEO, Libpet Tech Limited - showcased their pioneering robotics innovations and shared how their inventions create positive impact on society.