On 6 February, the “Celebrating Triumphs of PolyU Sportsmen for the 2023 Asian Games and World University Games” event was held to pay tribute to our dedicated PolyU student-athletes who excelled at the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Chengdu World University Games 2023. About 40 student-athletes, including our medallists, met with senior management to share their experiences of the events.


Prof. Jin-Guang Teng, President; Prof. Ben Young, Vice President (Student and Global Affair); Prof. Albert Chan, Dean of Students, and the four Honorary Managers of the sports teams extended their heartfelt congratulations to the student-athletes for their remarkable achievements in the Games.


Wushu athlete Sham Hui-yu Lydia, bronze medalist of Women’s Qiangshu at the 2023 World University Games; table tennis athlete Lee Hoi-man Karen, bronze medalist of the Women’s Table Tennis Team at the 2023 World University Games; and rowing athlete Cheung Hoi-lam, silver medalist of Women’s Pair Rowing at the 2023 Asian Games were invited on stage to share their experiences of the competitions and their sporting journeys.


Last year, a total of 72 PolyU students and 38 alumni proudly showcased their talents at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou and 31st Summer World University Games in Chengdu. Loud applause to the PolyU sports teams for once again achieving such wonderful results!