Prof. Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation) and Director of the Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology, shared his insights into the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong in an interview with Capital Magazine.


Prof. Chao noted that while Hong Kong has set targets to reduce carbon emissions and increase the share of renewable energy, renewable energy currently only accounts for 0.4% of total electricity consumption. Given its geographical constraints, Hong Kong’s main sources of renewable energy are currently solar power, wind power and waste-to-energy. Generating electricity from food waste and wood waste could be other alternatives to help enable the city to achieve sustainable development.


While technologies are improving and costs declining, Prof. Chao suggested government support policies and subsidies were still needed to promote renewable energy development. The government could also provide technical support to help companies and organisations set up food waste treatment facilities and guide the technologies and methods of converting food waste into energy.


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