PolyU and The Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association (MCMIA) co-organised the “University-Industry Collaboration on Chinese Medicine Innovation Forum” on 2 March, bringing together over a hundred academic and industry leaders from the GBA to discuss how to support the development of Chinese medicine (CM) on various fronts.


The forum presented topics including university-industry collaboration to promote CM development in the GBA, talent nurturing and university initiatives in CM innovation. A panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Eric Chui, Head of the Department of Applied Social Sciences and Co-director of the Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology (PReCIT) of PolyU, discussed long-term measures to drive CM innovation in Hong Kong from business, technology and policy perspectives. These recommendations will be submitted to the Government during the 2023 Policy Address public consultation.


Other experts shared their insights on CM innovations at the forum and discussed how universities in the region can integrate the advantages of artificial intelligence and other advanced technology into CM research. They also explored interdisciplinary collaboration among institutions in the field of CM.


Mr Harry Kwok Chun Yeung, Chairman of the MCMIA Foundation, shared insights on talent nurturing initiatives for Chinese medicine innovation, explaining how the industry supports outstanding talents who want to pursue research in CM. Mr Yeung emphasised that innovative CM research is vital for the industry’s development and he thanked the Vincent and Lily Woo Foundation for establishing a fellowship scheme to nurture young talents in the GBA.


Prof. Wing-tak Wong, Deputy President and Provost of PolyU, said the HKSAR Government has always been supporting the research and development of Chinese medicine.


“The additional funding added to the Chinese Medicine Development Fund in the 2023-24 Budget and the expected opening of the first Chinese medicine hospital in the year 2025 will promote CM as an increasingly integral part in Hong Kong’s healthcare system,” Prof. Wong said. “The GBA’s development brings invaluable opportunities for the local CM industry. The Government, industry and academics shall work closely to seize these opportunities and develop a long-term plan for improving the ecosystem of the local industry.”