PolyU and the city government of Jinjiang signed a framework agreement to drive the establishment of the PolyU-Jinjiang Research Institute with the aim to strengthen research collaboration among industry, academia and research organisations and foster development along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.


PolyU’s PReCIT will collaborate with the Jinjiang Science and Technology Bureau to carry out research projects on leveraging Hong Kong’s resources and advantages in innovation and technology in response to Jinjiang’s industrial modernisation needs. The Jinjiang Science and Technology Bureau will provide funding support for the research. It is expected that the research findings will promote research collaboration between Hong Kong and Jinjiang and facilitate Jinjiang’s industrial modernisation.


The two parties will explore the establishment of the PolyU-Jinjiang Research Institute, which will be planned and managed by PolyU, and Jinjiang city will provide venues, funding, research projects, and subsidies on industry-research collaboration, as well as support for talent attraction measures. In addition, PolyU scholars and experts will visit Jinjiang to facilitate exchange schemes, participate in expert panels for entrepreneurial teams, and attend major planning meetings. Jinjiang city will actively promote the establishment of laboratories for joint projects between enterprises and PolyU, and deepen cooperation in talent nurturing, innovation and entrepreneurship, technological innovation, knowledge transfer, and more.