Designed to improve driving performance and safety through the use of an intelligent simulation platform, two innovative research projects by PolyU have been supported by the Smart Traffic Fund. 


Led by Prof. Fu Xiaowen, Associate Dean (External Engagement) of the Faculty of Engineering and Professor of Engineering Management in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, the “Intelligent Driving Training and Evaluation System for Container Trucks” project aims to develop a simulation system using extended reality technology. The proposed system is also designed to provide training to trainee drivers of container trucks, which is comparable to the actual driving environment, together with an evidence-based driver performance evaluation system to facilitate the design of individualised training.


The other project on “Driving Style-based Adaptive Virtual Training Platform: Build Safe Human Driving Habits in Autonomous Driving” is led by Dr Li Fan, Assistant Professor of the Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering. This project aims to develop a virtual reality-based training platform. It is designed to improve driving habits in level 2 and level 3 autonomous driving, i.e. human-machine co-driving, with customised training for drivers with different driving styles.


PolyU is dedicated to promoting the research and application of vehicle-related innovation and technology, with a total of 11 PolyU projects currently receiving grants from the Smart Traffic Fund.