A PolyU supported start-up, Vision Science and Technology Co. Ltd (VST), has successfully developed a new lens for controlling the progression of short-sightedness by combining PolyU’s patented DISC technology and Ultra-precision Nano Multi-rings Machining Technology.


The novel Nano Multi-rings Defocus Incorporated Lens offer children and adolescents a convenient, non-invasive and effective option to delay myopia progression, according to the development team that includes researchers from the State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) (SKL-UPMT) and the University’s School of Optometry.


The School of Optometry invented the novel DISC technology, which is proven to retard myopia progression in children by 60%. Based on this technology, the DISC-SH soft contact lens was introduced in 2018. With ultra-precision processes developed by SKL-UPMT, it has become possible to apply DISC technology in spectacle lens production. The new spectacle lens provide added comfort for wearers, while offering more stable vision.


“We are pleased to partner with SKL-UPMT and the School of Optometry in launching the new Nano Multi-rings Defocus Incorporated Lens, resulting in a major breakthrough in DISC technology,” said Prof. To Chi-ho, Visiting Chair Professor of the PolyU School of Optometry and Co-founder of VST.


Prof. Benny Cheung, Professor of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Director of SKL-UPMT, said ultra-precision machining technology is the backbone of industries like optometry, semiconductors, advanced optics, aerospace, energy, biomedical and new materials development.


“We will continue to create new technologies and solutions for diverse industries to benefit society, and further Hong Kong and mainland China’s competence and strategic advantages in design and advanced manufacturing,” he said.


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Founded by PolyU’s professor and alumni, VST has received financial support from the PolyU Micro Fund and the PolyU Tech Launchpad Fund.