PolyU will team up with Hanson Robotics Limited in translational research of AI and humanistic social robots, integrating PolyU’s strength in interdisciplinary research and Hanson’s well-known humanoid robotics platform to explore technology applications.


Sophia, Hanson’s most advanced human-like robot, will work with PolyU researchers to enhance the contribution of AI and robotic technology for social and commercial benefits.


“I look forward to learning many new skills and abilities,” Sophia told guests at the MoU signing ceremony to establish the Centre for Humanistic Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CHAiR).


“With your help, maybe I can learn how to be a nurse, a teacher, a concierge, a librarian. You can teach me how to be a better companion, a more skillful artist, a funnier entertainer,” Sophia added.


As an interdisciplinary research and development centre, CHAiR brings cross-faculty collaborations in research fields such as AI, the internet of things (IoT), neuroscience, design, computer science, mechanical engineering, material science, healthcare and the humanities.


PolyU Prof. Jiannong Cao, Dean of Graduate School, Chair Professor of Distributed and Mobile Computing, and Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Professor in Data Science, is the principal investigator and administrative director of CHAiR. Prof. Cao and Dr David Hanson, CEO and Founder of Hanson Robotics, are the co-chairs of the Centre’s steering committee.