As part of an ongoing commitment and endeavour to exploring innovative discoveries for a more sustainable future, ten research projects led by PolyU scholars have been awarded funding by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Research Grants Council (NSFC/RGC) under the Joint Research Scheme (JRS) and the new Collaborative Research Scheme (CRS) 2022/23 Exercise.


Under the CRS, two PolyU research projects have been awarded total funding of HK$7.164 million. While under the JRS, eight research projects led by PolyU scholars have received funding of HK$9.396 million. Both CRS and JRS support research projects for a period of four years. The research projects cover topics related to information technology, management science, marine and environmental science, new material science, applied mathematics and biomedical engineering.


Some of the projects address imminent social and human needs with, for example, research on a hospital bed sharing and optimisation mechanism, investigation of rainstorm and storm surge occurrence pattern together with flood risk assessment in the Greater Bay Area cities, and time-sequence regenerative repair of atherosclerotic blood vessels with Janus cardiovascular stents.


The NSFC/RGC supported research projects were jointly proposed by mainland China and Hong Kong researchers for their scientific merit. The CRS, which was newly introduced in 2022/23, aims to support larger-scale collaborative research across disciplines and/or across universities in mainland China and Hong Kong with a view to enhancing research output and impact.