The Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Design (AiDLab) was officially launched in early November as one of the many research centres within the InnoHK research clusters. PolyU is pleased to join hands with the Royal College of Art (RCA) to establish this innovative research platform focused on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with creative design.


AiDLab brings together top international academics, designers, and engineers, to conduct human-centred interdisciplinary research providing multi-faceted solutions for current global issues using AI and distinct innovative designs.


Professor Wing-tak Wong, Chairman of Board of Directors of AiDLab and Deputy President and Provost of PolyU, said, “PolyU takes pride in this synergistic collaboration with the prestigious Royal College of Art. Together, we join forces to translate our cutting-edge research into practical knowledge and impactful AI solutions to meet society's challenges.”


Professor Calvin Wong, Centre Director of AiDLab and Cheng Yik Hung Professor in Fashion of PolyU, also remarked, “Serving as a unique platform that connects the local and international research community, industry and society, AiDLab utilises novel technology to facilitate intuitive and effective product and service design processes that can enhance human-computer interaction and address society’s needs for creativity, efficiency and sustainability.”


Currently, AiDLab is focusing on three major research areas, namely, Ergonomic and Inclusive Design, Innovation in Product and Service Design, and Intelligent Fashion Design and Quality Control.


According to Professor Calvin Wong, the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence in Design Consortium (AIDC) is already in the pipeline, aiming to bring together businesses, designers and engineers who share a common vision of injecting new impetus into industry with the synergy of AI and design. Various conferences and seminars will also be arranged to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between academia, industry and the public.


To learn more about the rationale behind AiDLab and the innovative projects it has been doing, please visit its official website.