An Endowed Professorship is one of the most significant recognitions bestowed upon outstanding academics. PolyU is proud to have a list of valued donors who have given their support to the University’s top scholars in continuing their remarkable work, helping to advance the frontiers of research and innovation even further.


Learn about two of our Endowed Professors, Professor Li Gang and Professor Cao Jiannong, who have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields:


Professor Li Gang - Sir Sze-yuen Chung Professor in Renewable Energy


"Renewable energy is crucial for sustainable development. I believe solar cells will play a pivotal role in providing clean energy in the future."


Professor Li Gang of the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering and Associate Director of the Research Institute for Smart Energy is a pioneer in the field of organic polymer photovoltaic (OPV) technology, where he has made seminal contributions in device physics, device architecture, materials development, and printing technology of OPV. He is currently researching organic polymers and hybrid perovskite advanced materials, devices and physics for solar cell applications, and flexible and printable electronics. Besides investigating how to improve the efficiency and stability of solar cells, he is also exploring the possibility of combining silicon panels with printable cells.


View the video to learn more about Professor Li’s research efforts in fostering a more sustainable world.


Professor Cao Jiannong - Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Professor in Data Science


"The Endowed Professorship is a major encouragement to us. It helps us delve deeper into the realm of data science."


Professor Cao Jiannong is Chair Professor of Distributed and Mobile Computing at the Department of Computing, Director of the Internet and Mobile Computing Lab, as well as Director of the University’s Research Facility in Big Data Analytics. For many years, Professor Cao has focused his research on distributed computing, big data and machine learning, wireless sensing and networking, and mobile and edge computing. He has also served many professional committees and has been a member of panels and committees of the HKSAR government.


Besides his professional work, Professor Cao is also a Chinese Calligraphy enthusiast. To understand how he views the commonalities of research and calligraphy, please view the video.