The “PolyU & You: Online Lecture Series” made its debut in 2020 and received tremendous feedback from viewers. We are therefore pleased to announce that this popular series is returning this year, and will be taking place online from 31 March – 29 April!


In this year's series, eight PolyU scholars from a broad range of disciplines will each host a 50-minute online lecture, to share their insights on lively and coompelling topics that are very much relevant to our daily lives. These topics include technology to fight COVID-19, investment, myopia control, language learning, space exploration, tourism as well as AI robotics. 


Here is an overview of the eight online lectures:


31 March
  • Smart Device / Technology to Fight against COVID-19 ^
    -  Dr Terence L.T. Lau
1 April
  • A First Look into AI+ Investment ^
    -  Dr Yong Jimmy Jin
8 April
  • New Indoor Air-ventilation Energy Monitoring System under COVID-19 *
    -  Dr Horace Mui
9 April
  • Evidence-based Myopia Control *
    -  Dr Vincent Ng
13 April
  • Fun with Language *
    -  Dr Wing Li Wu
21 April
  • Challenges in Developing the Chang’e 5 “Surface Sampling and Packing System” *
    -  Prof. K.L. Yung
28 April
  • Food as a Universal Language in World Tourism ^
    -  Dr Pearl Lin
29 April
  • Robot Alice: The Science behind an Application that Stole the Hearts Worldwide ^
    -  Prof. Johan Hoorn

Medium of Instruction: ^ English * Chinese


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