At PolyU, we always encourage our students to learn outside the classroom, and to gain global exposure through different means like internships, exchange programmes, and study trips. In addition to the already available international learning opportunities, PolyU has recently signed an agreement with Mitacs to offer 60 research exchange opportunities in Canada for our senior undergraduate students. Mitacs is a renowned non-profit research organisation that designs and provides research and training programmes in Canada.


Starting in the summer of 2022 through 2024, up to 20 PolyU students will have the opportunity to join the annual cohort of the Mitacs Globalink Research Internship (GRI) programme. Students from Hong Kong will travel to Canada to undertake 12-week research projects in their areas of interest. They will receive the supervision of a professor from a renowned Canadian university, including McGill University, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia. Students will also be invited to participate in professional skills training and workshops provided by Mitacs. The application period will run from July until September this year. Upon successful enrolment to the programme, students will each receive CAD $12,000 in funding support for their internship in Canada.


In announcing the partnership, Ir Professor Ben Young, Vice President (Student and International Affairs) of PolyU, said, “We are delighted to partner with Mitacs through the GRI programme. Our students are very often encouraged to demonstrate an enthusiasm for research and intellectual curiosity during their studies at PolyU. The summer research internships at Canadian institutions offer an excellent opportunity with funding support for students to acquire valuable hands-on research skills as well as to gain international experience.” Professor Young remarked that he looks forward to seeing the first batch of PolyU students participating in the programme next summer and hearing about their exciting research projects upon their return.


“Mitacs is pleased to embark on our first partnership with PolyU as we work to build meaningful international networks,” said Dr. John Hepburn, CEO and Scientific Director of Mitacs. “These connections not only support Canadian innovation, but also provide important opportunities for PolyU students to develop skills and competencies that will help them succeed. We thank our federal, provincial, and territorial funders in Canada for supporting us in our research collaborations.”


To learn more about the efforts of Mitacs in supporting research-based innovation and their commitment to fostering international collaborations, please visit their website