Researchers at PolyU have developed a therapeutic music-with-movement system that has won a global consumer product award in the  Accessibility & Aging Tech category at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 Innovation Awards. Notably, PolyU is the only educational institution in Hong Kong given the honour, in recognition of the exceptional impact of the system targeting older adults and their caregivers.


The CES® Innovation Award, an integral part of the CES, evaluates products based on engineering quality, aesthetics and design, practical value, uniqueness, and their impact on quality of life.


Dr Daphne Cheung,Associate Professor of thePolyU School of Nursing, ledthe project that developedthe “Music-with-MovementSystem for Older Adults.”

Dr Daphne Cheung, Associate Professor of the School of Nursing, led the project that developed the “Music-with-Movement System for Older Adults.”

Dr Daphne Cheung, Associate Professor of the School of Nursing, led the project “Music-with-Movement System for Older Adults.” She described the increasingly ageing population as a key focus of their work.“The music-with-movement program reinforces sustainable adoption among old adults for consistent cognitive and socially stimulation,” she said.

Initially developed for people with dementia in Hong Kong, the music-with-movement system merges therapeutic music intervention with advances in medical research and engineering technology, helping caregivers and staff working in the elderly care sector to effectively engage older adults. The elements in the system include oldies music, motion sensors, Augmented Reality (AR) interactive games, a game engineer and a cloud-based management platform. Through interactive, stimulating musical games, the cognitive and social stimulation levels of older adults can be raised, and issues caused by social isolation alleviated.


Integrating current information and communication technology as implementation strategies for music intervention also builds effective communication and collaboration and more effective bonding among old adults, caregivers, staff working in elderly centres and health professionals.


Dr Daphne Cheung has also received the 2023 Claudia J. Beverly Innovation Award, presented by the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence, for her project on the nursing care for older adults.