PolyU and the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish the “PolyU–HKSI Research Centre” (the Centre), with the aim of driving research in the field of elite sports, promoting the development of sports science and technology, and assisting Hong Kong athletes in reaching their full potential and achieve greater success.


This strategic partnership will facilitate closer collaboration between PolyU and the HKSI, enabling the two institutions to share resources and advance research in sports science and technology development. The Centre will serve as a platform for connecting PolyU researchers with sports organisations, forming an expert team comprising academics, technologists, sports professionals and technical analysts. This team will engage in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and develop joint proposals for large-scale projects.


Professor Jin-Guang Teng, PolyU President, emphasised PolyU’s unwavering support for sports development, citing initiatives such as the Outstanding Sportsmen Recommendation Scheme launched in 1998, and the partnership with the HKSI on the Elite Athletes Study Programme since 2017, which encourages elite athletes to pursue undergraduate programmes at PolyU. The establishment of the Centre signifies the commitment of both parties to making greater contributions to the promotion of sport development.


The Centre will be jointly operated by PolyU’s Research Institute for Sports Science and Technology (RISports) and the HKSI. It will function as a platform for research innovation, knowledge exchange and technology transfer in the realm of elite sports.


RISports was established in June 2022 to address emerging societal needs in sports research and technology. It brings together multidisciplinary experts from PolyU and around the world to deliver advanced scientific solutions for the field of sports.