Dr Kathy Leng Kai, Assistant Professor from the Department of Applied Physics, has been honoured as one of the “Innovators Under 35” (TR35) in the Asia Pacific region in 2023 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Review. This prestigious recognition highlights Dr Leng’s remarkable accomplishments in science and technology innovation.


As a materials scientist, Dr Leng is the first researcher to observe the atomic structure of molecularly thin hybrid perovskites and establish a correlation with their optoelectronic properties. Additionally, she has successfully developed the first monolayer perovskite photodetector that converts light to electricity with high efficiency. This groundbreaking achievement will significantly advance the field of flexible optoelectronics and fundamental physics in the future.


Expressing her gratitude, Dr Leng extended her appreciation to her peers and senior colleagues for their support, “Being part of this collaborative research network gives me much inspiration and encouragement. Recognition through impactful publications, grants, and conference presentations inspires me to work harder.”


Due to her expertise in a niche research area, Dr Leng has received various accolades, including the Excellent Young Scientist Fund (Hong Kong and Macau) from the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2023, and the Young Innovative Researcher Award 2023 from PolyU.