PolyU has recently partnered with Rohto, an eye care brand under Mentholatum, to establish the PolyU-Rohto Centre of Research Excellence for Eye Care. The launching ceremony titled “Leading Research in Eye Fatigue, Empowering the Joy of Seeing” was held in October 2023. The Centre aims to provide comprehensive medical and care solutions for eye fatigue by gathering teams of ophthalmic experts to conduct research and testing in multiple locations and establish collaborative networks with various regions to develop eye health and care technologies.


Through collaboration with various sectors, the Centre is dedicated to creating a healthy environment for eye health, cultivating healthy eye habits, and mitigating the impact of visual fatigue on public eye health, thereby improving individuals' quality of life.


The occasion also saw the joint release of the “Promoting Healthy Vision and Prioritizing Standardised Diagnosis of Eye Fatigue” advocacy paper by PolyU and Rohto. Organised under the "Know-Diagnose-Explore-Engage" framework, the paper aims to promote public awareness of eye fatigue.