Essential Information for New Students
Welcome to PolyU. We are glad to introduce to you the wide range of IT facilities and services available on campus to facilitate your study at PolyU.
Official Communication Channel
The University has adopted e-mail as the official communication channel for staff and students. All communications, unless not practical or too critical to be solely delivered electronically, will be conducted through email.
Acceptable Use Policy and Baseline Information Security Policy
The privilege to use the University’s IT facilities and services carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations, which are set forth in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for University Information Technology Facilities and Services ( as well as the University’s information security policies and standards published at the IT Security website at the URL: You must accept the AUP and the Baseline Information Security Policy before you can complete the NetID registration process. Therefore, please read the policies carefully before accepting them during the registration process. .
The PolyU NetID (Network Identity) is your key to all central IT facilities and services on campus. It is your unique personal identifier known by the University's computer systems which will enable you to access many PolyU facilities and services. Below is a break-down of the user accounts and the ITS services it can access.
Student NetID
New students who have completed programme registration procedures and received the student ID card from the student administration offices must perform NetID registration to activate their NetID and select their NetPassword for access to the central IT facilities and services. Students can perform NetID registration by clicking the “New Student” button on the Login Page for the University Portal ( and following the system instructions to complete the registration. Please note that the activation of the NetID implies that you have read, understood and agreed to observe the PolyU Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Baseline Information Security Policy. You should read them carefully before activating your NetID.
The The PUsecure Identity Portal provides you with various functions to manage your NetID profile. You can perform NetID registration, view your NetID profile, change your NetPassword, and reset your NetPassword (in case you have forgotten it).Students can log in by going to PUsecure Identity Portal (IdPortal) Login Page (, then click "Manage NetID", and login with your NetID and NetPassword.
The University Portal (, named "myPolyU", is PolyU’s intranet portal website customized to students and staff during their study /work life at PolyU. It provides facilities for you to locate essential systems & information for carrying out different types of student activities. Different departments will promote upcoming events and latest themes to students in myPolyU. “myPolyU” is a mobile-friendly website that you can access at anytime from anywhere, through the web browser on any Internet-connected device. You can access myPolyU by clicking the “myPolyU” link at the PolyU Homepage ( then login with your NetID and NetPassword. You are advised to log on to "myPolyU" at least once a day in order to keep up with the latest events and information targeted for you, and to use it as a handy tool for locating the systems /websites that you need.
To provide you with a web-based interactive learning environment, the University has adopted Blackboard 9.1 as the common e-Learning platform to facilitate the application of innovative technologies in course delivery. The platform is called LEARN@PolyU (理學網) ( Blackboard is a user-friendly course development tool which enables teachers and students to build and use web-based course content. Subject web sites have been created by different departments on the Blackboard platform to supplement classroom teaching. You can access course materials, take quizzes, submit assignments and interact with your lecturers and fellow students etc. on the web through these subject web sites. You may acquire some basic skills of using the Blackboard platform by going through the PolyU wikispace site at the online tutorial available at the PolyU e-Learning portal.

You may access the e-learning system in the next day after your NetID is created. Your e-learning subject websites will be ready by the first week of the semester.
The University has partnered with Microsoft to provide advanced lifelong e-mail, web storage, web applications and software license services for free use by students. The service is called 'PolyU Connect' and it is the official communication platform between students and the University.

The 'PolyU Connect' service not only provides email service with large storage (50GB) quota for each user, but also provides convenient access to a host of other communication and collaboration services including calendaring, document sharing and editing, instant messaging, video chat, mobile email, web storage (1TB) and a lot more. All these services could be accessed using your PolyU Connect Email account ( < NetID > and the initial password (obtainable from PUSecure Identity Portal) for first time activation.

You can access your PolyU Connect account the next business day after you have completed your NetID Registration process. Please visit the PolyU Connect website at the URL to learn how to activate your PolyU Connect account and to learn more about the service.
The Student Computer Centre (SCC) is located on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Li Ka Shing Tower (also known as M core) where a total of over 520 PCs are accommodated for student use. All PolyU students can use the facilities in the Student Computer Centre on a first-come-first-served basis and no prior booking arrangements are necessary.
In addition, an experimental environment for Virtual Student Computer Centre (vSCC) has been set up for students. Based on the latest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology, the Virtual Student Computer Centre (vSCC) is one of the University’s initiatives to support digital workspaces that meet the smarter, more agile and anytime anywhere work practices of the PolyU community. vSCC allows students to remotely access desktop OS and a list of commonly-used software applications anytime, anywhere using any device. Please visit the vSCC website at the URL to learn more about the service.
PolyU Home Drive and OneDrive for Business are network storage services available for students to store and organize documents for learning and research purposes.
The PolyU Home Drive is an on-premises network storage service which can be accessed by students using their notebooks and PCs while on campus. It is also access via the Virtual Student Computer Centre (vSCC). For more details, please refer to the website
OneDrive for Business is a component of Office 365, which is a cloud-based storage service accessible via the web browser, desktop client and/or smartphone Apps. For more details, please refer to the website
PolyU users can access the campus network both on and off campus:
  • Classroom wired/wireless network:
    You can connect your notebook to the campus network using network outlets in the general teaching rooms (GTRs) and lecture theatres (LTs) or via the wireless LAN (WLAN). To strengthen the overall campus network security, authentication is required to use the network outlets and WLAN in all GTRs and LTs. Only users with valid NetID and NetPassword will be permitted access to the campus network at these locations. You have to configure and authenticate your notebook/PC once. All future logins will be done automatically.
  • Campus wireless network
    In addition to the classrooms and lecture theatres, you can also connect your mobile devices via wireless connection (WPA / WPA2 protocol) at all public areas and buildings on the podium level, the Library, sport centres, canteens, Chiang Chen Studio Theatre and Jockey Club Auditorium, etc.
  • Off-Campus wireless network:
    You can enjoy free wireless network connection at thousands of CSL and Y5Zone hotspots around Hong Kong including shopping malls, restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, convenience stores, MTR stations, telephone kiosks, etc. with your PolyU NetID.
  • Local Universities: Universities WiFi:
    The 'Universities WiFi' service is a joint-universities initiative on mutual wireless access, to enable local university staff and students to have roaming WiFi access across all local institutions using their mobile devices. PolyU staff and students can access the WiFi service at other local universities using your PolyU NetID with the suffix '' (e.g.
  • Overseas: eduroam
    To provide staff and students with convenient wireless access while visiting overseas universities, PolyU has joined the ‘eduroam’ initiative ( which is a WLAN mutual access initiative among member institutions around the world. By configuring the WLAN parameters of your notebook PC, you can conveniently access the WLAN at all eduroam institutions local and overseas.
    The detailed configuration procedures can be found here.
The "Student Handbook on IT Facilities and Services" contains detailed information on the IT facilities and services provided by ITS. You can access it by going to the url
All students are invited to attend the student orientation workshops on central IT facilities and services conducted by ITS at the beginning of each academic year. You will learn from these workshops, which are in the form of demonstrations and hands-on practice, the most up-to-date information and news about the University's IT facilities and services. Please check the newsletter for opening of these workshops before the start of the academic year.
The monthly ITS e-Newsletter "Get Connected" is one of the major communication channels between ITS and our users. It is published electronically to provide you with the latest updates on new IT facilities and services, forthcoming IT-related functions and events, plans for future development areas etc. "Get Connected" is accessible via the ITS web site. Make it a habit to read the newsletter monthly which will help you to take full advantage of the IT facilities and services in your study. Access it at
Viruses and spyware are two most common security threats for personal computers and students are strongly advised to install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs to safeguard their machines. To help students to identify suitable software tools for their use, ITS has conducted evaluation and testing on a number of popular anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that are available on the Internet for free use. You can check them out by going to
The IT HelpCentre is the one-stop, open-door help service provided to all students and staff. It located at Room M201 of the Li Ka Shing Tower. The IT HelpCentre is the one-stop, open-door help service provided to all students and staff. You are welcome to visit the IT HelpCentre and discuss with our consultants on any IT problems. Our IT HelpCentre consultants render professional and technical advice/assistance on matters relating to the use of PC software, e-mail, Internet, University Portal, various central computer systems and network facilities. You can also call the IT HelpCentre Hotline 2766 5900 for technical assistance on your IT problems. You may also submit your IT problem to the IT HelpCentre Online Tracking Service (HOTS) at using a web browser.
  • IT HelpCentre Hotline2766 5900
  • Student Computer Centre2766 5948