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Credit-bearing Course & Residential Camp

  • Experience university teaching and learning
  • Gain knowledge in popular topics such as “Artificial Intelligence” and “Innovation & Entrepreneurship”
  • Transfer credit(s) upon admission to PolyU

Subject Title:

Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics


Subject Code:  MM1031  COMP1004
Credit Value:  1   2 



This one-credit value subject introduces students to the essential aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship in a digital world. This subject is designed to be interactive, with short videos, cases, in-class discussions and activities interspersed throughout the subject's online platform and four face-to-face seminars. This course offers a concise yet thorough introduction to data analytics, machine learning, and various applications of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA), along with their societal implications. Students will explore the core concepts and techniques in data analytics and machine learning while examining AIDA applications' ethical considerations and societal impacts. Designed for beginners, this course provides an accessible entry point for understanding AIDA concepts and their world-wide impacts.
Objectives: The objective is to prepare students with an entrepreneurial mindset and apply innovative strategies to find creative solutions that benefit both organisation and society in the age of digital transformation. The objectives of this subject are to:
  • introduce to students the concept and principles of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA);
  • introduce students to examples of how AIDA can be applied in their own discipline;
  • prepare students for subsequent selection of minor and secondary major in AIDA (if admitted to PolyU) through strengthening their understanding of using AIDA to solve practical problems; and
  • raise students’ awareness of ethical and societal issues stemming from AIDA in daily life.
Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to:
  • demonstrate an elementary understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • appreciate the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in the local and global community;
  • appreciate the applications and implications of the latest technologies on entrepreneurship and innovation; and
  • identify ethical issues in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the foundational concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA);
  • acquire basic skills in using AIDA technologies and applications;
  • articulate examples of how the adoption of AIDA could enhance their chosen disciplines (for the future undergraduate studies); and
  • demonstrate an awareness of global contemporary issues of ethics and impact from AIDA applications in daily life.


Total Class Contact Hours:

 13 26

Apart from class contact hours, students are expected to reserve extra hours for 

self-study and preparation for assignments.  

Schedule & Topics: MM1031: Please click here COMP1004: Please click here
Medium of Instruction:


Teaching Mode:


  • Online quizzes (10%)
  • Participation (30%)
  • Personal reflection (60%)
  • E-learning modules and seminars (15%)
    • Video watching (5%)
    • Online Quiz (5%)
    • Online Lab with AIDA platform (5%)
  • Project/Essay (20%)
  • Exercises and Assignments (20%)
  • Quizzes (45%)
    • Quiz 1 (28 July 2023): 15%
    • Quiz 2 (11 Aug 2023): 30%



          (In-class quizzes/ assignments and attendance will be taken into consideration to the final grades. You are strongly                                                                                               advised to attend all classes.)


Instructor: Dr Edmond YEUNG Dr Jing LI
Remarks: N/A The prerequisites for this subject include secondary school math knowledge of algebraic expressions and equations, functions and graphs, statistics, and probability. It is recommended that students have prior experience with calculus and basic computer science knowledge, e.g., Python programming.


  • Participants of the credit-bearing course will automatically be enrolled in the residential camp.
  • For details of the residential camp, please click HERE.
  • Current S.4 & S.5 students (or equivalent) are eligible to apply.
  • Each student can only enrol in one of the credit-bearing courses.
  • Selection will be made by the subject lecturer based on the applicant’s examination results and personal statement. 

The following documents are required for application:

  1. Scanned copies of the school examination reports for the last TWO terms (Final Term of 2021/2022 and 1st Term of 2022/2023). An explanation should be given and uploaded if the required school examination reports cannot be provided;
  2. (Optional) A personal statement written in English, introducing yourself, explaining what you know about the chosen course, why you are interested in it and your expectations of the PolyU Summer Institute (You are strongly recommended to submit it for the subject lecturer’s reference, which will increase your chance of being admitted to the credit-bearing course chosen);
  3. Scanned copy of the Principal’s nomination form, if any; and 
  4. (Optional) Supporting documents of awards and certificates related to the credit-bearing course chosen.
  • In-class quizzes/ assignments and attendance will be taken into consideration to the final grades. You are strongly advised to attend all classes.
  • A transcript of studies will be issued to students upon completion of the credit-bearing course with 75% of attendance.

Students can apply for credit transfer of the subject taken upon admission to PolyU.

Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MM1031)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (COMP1004)

Programme Fee: HK$3,320 HK$5,960
Programme Fee with Financial Assistance:  HK$1,110 HK$1,990



  • The programme fee covers the selected credit-bearing course and residential camp.
  • All fees paid are non-refundable unless otherwise specified.
  • Details of the payment procedure will be provided when the application is successful.

Financial assistance will be offered to students who have financial needs to participate in the credit-bearing course.


Students who are currently receiving one (or both) of the following financial support from the HKSAR government will be considered for receiving financial assistance:

(a) Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme; and/ or

(b) Full grant from the Textbook Assistance Scheme (TA) for secondary school students.

Students ranked amongst the top 20% of their peers in the same level with their Principal’s nomination can apply for the Principal’s Nomination Scholarship ($1,000 in cash for the one-credit course and $1,500 in cash for the two-credit course). Selection will be made by the subject lecturer. The Scholarship will be granted upon successful completion of the course. A certificate of participation (with a scholarship) will be issued.

For application for the Scholarship, please download the “Principal’s Nomination Form” here, and seek your Principal’s approval on or before 6 July 2023.

Application Starts: 16 May 2023
Application Deadline: 6 July 2023
Application Result Announcement: Early July 2023
Payment Deadline: Early July 2023


Global Engagement Office
Telephone:  3400 3148/ 3400 3149


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