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Research at FAST Seminar Series

FAST has been organizing the Research at FAST Seminar Series to explore collaboration opportunities within PolyU community. Details of the 7th seminar are as follows:

Speakers : Dr Wang Faming (ITC) & Dr Zhao Jiong (AP)
Date : 8 May 2018, Tuesday
Time : 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. (light lunch will be provided)
Venue : TU511, FAST meeting room

The Seminar Series is a platform for PolyU colleagues to get to know FAST researchers and encourage cross-disciplinary research activities.  Just click the name of the researchers to understand more about their research profile:

Seminar Series




14 Nov 2017, Tue

Dr Yao Zhongping (ABCT)

Dr Peter Tsang (AP)


5 Dec 2017, Tue

Dr Lilly Li (ITC)

Dr Kevin Kwok (ABCT)


16 Jan 2018, Tue

Dr Terence Lee (ABCT)

Dr Wong Kin Yau (AMA)


6 Feb 2018, Tue

Dr Huang Bolong (ABCT)

Dr Cui Jintao (AMA)


6 Mar 2018, Tue

Dr Zhou Zhi (AMA)

Dr Luo Xin (AP)


10 Apr 2018, Tue

Dr Ben Ko (ABCT)

Dr Zhu Ye (AP)


8 May 2018, Tue

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Dr Wang Faming (ITC)
- Clothing Physiology
- Environmental Ergonomics
- Heat & Mass Transfer through
- Thermal Comfort
- Smart & Protective Clothing Design

Dr Zhao Jiong (AP)
- Synthesis & Physical Properties of
  Low Dimensional Materials in Situ
  Electron Microscopy



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